Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

The week has flown, the month is shortly to disappear and I've been a bit of a slug, but at my age I'm entitled.  We survived the super hot beginning of the week and then we slipped off to the movies, we finally got around to seeing the new Pirates of the Caribbean  movie, On Stranger Tides.  We liked it though it was a bit slow going in the beginning and there were too many sword fights.  Love Geoffrey Rush, could have used more of him, he steals every scene he's in.  Liked Penelope Cruz hope she's in the next one and we liked Ian McShane as Blackbeard.  The mermaids were a surprise, and if you haven't seen the movie I'll say no more about them.  And of course Johnny Depp was perfect!  The movie has gotten a lot of bad reviews, but honestly folks, we're talking about a series of movies based on a Disneyland ride.  It wasn't perfect, but we laughed, we accepted the impossible and enjoyed it for what it was.  All in all a good movie for a hot summer afternoon.

In order to justify how much electricity we're using to run the air conditioner and fans ( and it's a lot) we're putting a clothes line up outside so I can stop using my dryer.  It's so hot and sunny here that things dry in no time.  After I swim I hang my towel on the deck railing and in under an hour it's dry, so it just seems wasteful not to dry other things outside.

I've been rather unsettled this week, maybe it's the heat or just that I bore easily, but I've sewn a bit on a dress I'm making, something I should have finished in a couple of days, but I sew a bit,  get bored and then wander off.  I've crocheted another row on a shrug I'm making and done some embroidery, but I haven't finished anything.  I often think that if I were still in school they'd label me ADD, I never settle down.  Even when I read I usually do it while watching tv.

We're having ribs and potato salad, perfect for our weather.  Hope wherever you are you're Sunday is a good one too.

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  1. Pirates of the Caribbean is always a nice escape for a couple of hours - lots of fun and a couple of handsome men to gaze at - can't be bad:)


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