Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Surviving 100 Degree Weather

Step One:  Get up long before we want to so we can do our 2 mile walk before breakfast.  A neighbor offered to call us at 6 am but we told her the only time we're up that early is when we're leaving on a trip or we've been up all night.

Step Two:  Jump in the pool, fix breakfast and turn on the fan in the computer room so I can  have breakfast while I read Blogs.  Turn on fan in family room, vacuum, and and then clean 2 bathrooms.  Return to computer room, turn fan back on and print labels so I can return the two  backpack purses that are too big.

Step Three:  Jump back in the pool,  turn all the fans on in the family room and do my 1 mile aerobic walking tape.  Play piano, and water plants on back deck.

Step Four:   Finally turn the air conditioner on,  fix lunch and  before eating jump back in the pool.  Since retiring lunch is our main meal of the day and we eat it in late afternoon.  After lunch I read for a while.

Step Five:  Happy Hour, no not drinks, a nap.

Step Six:  Up from Happy Hour turn off the air conditioner  and back out into the pool.  Then
 I play piano and Mac plays guitar.  Turn the air conditioner back on, have a snack, read, watch t.v. , have a cold shower  and hit the bed about midnight at which time it is still up in the 80's.

Notice the themes in this report, turn on the fan and jump in the pool.  We try to use the air conditioner as little as possible, but when the temperatures are over 100 (it was 101 yesterday and it's supposed to be 102 today) you have to use it some.  If it were not for our pool I don't think I'd make it.  I feel so lazy, but it's just too hot to do much.  The cat lays low and Mac is out in the shade fishing, me, well I'm just trying not to melt.
Tomorrow we're going in our air conditioned car to the air conditioned movies and I don't know when we're coming home.

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  1. I now see what you mean by sending old Ireland a bit of your sun,
    when you left a comment on my blog :) !


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