Sunday, June 12, 2011

Too Darn Hot!!!

I don't usually start complaining about the heat until at least July, but I'm already doing it and it's only June 12.  It was 93 here today, will be in the upper 90's tomorrow and the lower to middle 90's for the rest of the week.  Normally this area has 59 days at 90 degrees or above, well today was our 31st day above 90, so it's definitely going to be a long, hot summer unless something very unexpected happens.  It won't even officially be summer for another 9 days, I'm worried.
And to make matters worse we've had very little rain this spring and everything is bone dry.  Our county is one of the 20 or so already designated as disaster areas because of the drought.  Over the last 10 weeks we've, officially, had only 2.2 inches of rain, we're nearly 7 inches under where we should be, and last year ended with us being 12 inches under for the year, so it's bad.  When we do get rain it has been very widely scattered, which means that the airport (that's the official weather station for this area) may get rain and we never see a drop of it.  I'm sure we haven't had anywhere near 2.2 inches in the last couple of months.
We've been watering the garden every day and the lawn every couple of days, but it's too expensive to keep doing that for long.
They say some rain is heading this way this evening, with high winds, hail, and lightning, I'd normally  complain about that but we need the rain so badly that I won't.  I'll just hope that the bad stuff misses us and we get some rain.
There have been some fires in the counties around us, and the Okeefenokee Swamp has a fire that has been burning since April.  You'd think that with the conditions we're having that no one would do any outdoor burning, but a couple of our neighbors have done it anyway.  One neighbor, whose next-door-neighbor was burning a pile of garden debris, said she actually asked them if they were that stupid.  Makes you wonder.


  1. Similar temps here and a dry spell that's gone on a bit too long--after a very rainy May. This being only our second summer here, we don't yet see a pattern, but I'll agree that it looks like we're in for a "too hot for too long" summer!

  2. Here it's raining! Although we did have a very dry late April and May with many fires in the area that destroyed ground nesting birds and some wonderful Caledonian Scots pine. I hope you get the rain you so badly need.

  3. We've had a very dry Spring here and parts of the UK have official drought conditions especially East Anglia where my younger son lives. It's been trying to make up for it over the weekend though as it poured solidly all day yesterday, the kind of steady rain that does the most good. Hope you get some rain too, can't believe anyone was burning stuff, it must be like tinder where you are.

  4. Thanks for the comments, unfortunately we didn't get a drop of rain the storms all broke up before they got here. And this morning we can smell smoke again so someone's burning.

  5. Oh we have the opposite here in England, rain most days and only 15'C with stuff West winds.
    Pleased send us some warmth :-D
    I love the painting that Mac, did, nice work!


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