Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What You Learn

I was sitting in the car yesterday while Mac was getting our propane tank filled (for the barbeque) and I was bored, but the only thing in the car to read was a manual that came with my new stove.  It was in the car because we'd had to get parts to convert the stove to propane and took the manual with us so we'd have the right model number.  And because we never read these manuals we'd forgotten to take it out of the car. So there it was, my only reading material, so I read it, and I actually learned a couple of things.  For instance, though my stove is propane the ignitor is electric and if you have your oven on and the electricity goes out you need to turn the oven off for if you don't, when the electricity comes back on the ignitor will come on and attempt to light the oven while it's already on.  That'd be nice, an electric spark to add to my gas flame.
Figuring I'd actually learned something I read on and found this little gem of wisdom: Don't use flame to check for gas leak.  Now I've known some gentle souls in my time who weren't the brightest colors in the box, but I'd hate to think you had to tell people not to use flame to check for a gas leak.  Mac says they have to put stuff like that in to cover  themselves in case of lawsuits, people are so litigious here.
When we got home I brought the manuel back in the house, obviously a valuable piece of literature.

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  1. I've never used a gas stove, hardly even ever seen one (once way back in my childhood I think). So I would certainly need to read the manual. Actually I'd probably read the manual several times before I even dared try to turn it on! :)


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