Friday, April 1, 2011

Tax Time .... AGAIN!

I've probably  mentioned that we pay our taxes quarterly because we refuse to have taxes taken out of our retirement pay, so April is when the yearly reconciliation takes place with much sighing, grumbling and a few vile oaths being spoken.  Spoken by Mac of course because I could no more do our taxes than I could fly around the room backwards.  I appreciate him doing them, I more than appreciate it, I'm eternally grateful.  And this year, bless his heart, he did a long form for our daughter too.  But the end is near, soon the checks will be written and we'll be tax free, until June that is.
So in honor of all taxpayers I thought I'd look up and see again how the government is spending our hard earned dollars.
Here's my list of some of the worst:

$5.2 million dollars to Las Vegas for their NeonBone Yard Museum a place for old neon signs (I see Harry Reid's fine hand in this one)

$1 million dollars to various zoos (and I love zoos) to put up poetry signs to educate visitors about the environment

$112 million to prisoners who filed  tax returns illegally

$200,000 to the National Science Foundation to find out why candidates make vague statements (gotta love this one)

$500,000 to the XVIII International Aids Conference in Vienna where the first 2 items on the agenda are wine tasting and castle visiting

$175 million to the Veteran's Affairs to maintain unused buildings including a pink octagonal monkey house in Ohio

$1.5 million to spruce up apartment buildings that are to be torn down in Louisiana

$615,000 for a "free" Grateful Dead Archive in California

I wish this was an April Fool's joke but unfortunately it's not.  While the politicians in Washington fight over cutting the budget, acting like it's all to sacred to touch, we're all paying for pooh!

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  1. well this is certainly a sad state of affairs. I am from Savannah, been in FL for 27 years, my mother was born and raised here, and that is how i ended up in Bradenton. thanks for stopping by my blog


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