Sunday, July 5, 2015


A Low Country Boil is all well and good, love the shrimp (sorry Rowan), but it's not what we'd originally planned for the Fourth.  So today we had our own "little" feast.  Mac barbecued  a whole slab of pork ribs.  Enough for today and tomorrow.  They were incredibly good, sweet and juicy with no sauce, just a side of potato salad.
We would have gone into a carnivore stupor afterwards, but we had a tremendous thunderstorm that lasted for more than and hour and a half, very scary.  Miss Kitty is still under the couch, I thought about joining her a couple of times.
The main storm has finally cleared, but we're getting another round, not quite as violent this time.


  1. Sounds like a Louisiana version of mother's New England boiled dinner. Lets hear it for ribs.

  2. The pork ribs look good. I'd have been under the couch with Miss Kitty I think - thunder doesn't bother me but lightning does. Two people were killed by lightning yesterday in Wales which hasn't done much to reassure me!

  3. That pork looks delicious!

    We had thunderstorms with giant hailstones here last week and many folk have huge damage to skylights, greenhouses and cars. A friend has to have a new roof on his car and our local Nursery lost eight hundred panes of glass in their greenhouses.

  4. ohhh looks yummy. does it have dry rub on it?

  5. I have not eaten roast Pork for many a year.
    We used to have it with stewed apple, small roasted potatoes and runner beans.
    I have now made my mouth water so shall go and eat some fresh black cherries.

  6. Gosh, you didn't eat all that did you? We've had some thunderstorms here too but very short lived.

  7. I hope your storms have ceased now.

  8. We've had some of those storms a bit north of you, too. And we had ribs Sunday night, too, and just got them off the grill when the downpours started up again. Your look delicious!

  9. Goodness the ribs look so good.
    Every once in a while I will order them for take out.
    They are so good.
    I don't like lots of sauce. Especially red sauce that everyone uses.
    My mum made a oil, vinegar herb sauce that was so good.
    I miss that.

    cheers, parsnip


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