Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just a Short Trip

We drove up to Atlanta on Tuesday for a quick getaway.  It's about 260 miles from our house to Atlanta and takes about 4 hours, when you throw in a stop for lunch.  Thank God for air conditioning because as we drove from Dublin to Macon (that's about half way) our  car said the outside temperature was 104º.  And it wasn't much cooler when we got to Atlanta.
We had picked a very special hotel to stay at, the Renaissance Concourse, a beautiful hotel with a central atrium going all the way to the top and glass elevators.  But the reason we chose it is because the rooms on one side had balconies overlooking the Atlanta airport runways and you can sit and watch planes taking off and landing.  Now I realize this might not suit everyone, but we really enjoyed it.

The reason for the trip to Atlanta was to take in a Brave's game, I waved to you Kay (I know she loves the Braves and always watches them) did you see me?  We had great seats on the 3rd base side and I could actually see the ball, Mac said he thought they were the best seats we'd ever had at a game.  We beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, that was nice, and even better we got a bobblehead doll of Freddie Freeman (the 1st baseball and Jonnie Gomes an outfielder), is very funny.
After the game we sat on our balcony and watched a few planes taking off, but we were both tired, so off to bed with us.
But the next morning we had croissants and coffee on the balcony and watched the planes for over an hour, could have stayed all day, but we had a long drive ahead of us.
It was a great little break.

An update on our traffic circle/round about; it's still causing problems,  and one of the County Commissioners said he'd  seen at least 5 cars enter the circle the wrong way.  No one seems quite sure how to solve the problem.  I'm betting they end up stationing a police officer there to direct traffic for a while.
Also, someone commented Anonymously on my post to let me know everything I never wanted to know about traffic circles/ round abouts.  I wasn't concerned with the correct nomenclature, I was concerned to how people were using it.
TedEBear asked to go the Atlanta with us so we took him.

Landings were really loud, landings not so much.


  1. That would have been a fun getaway. I like baseball (Cleveland, ah hem), and airports. With all the security there is little access to watch planes come and go, like the old days.

  2. Overlooking the airport wouldn't be my first choice I must admit:) of course the airport is the only bit of Atlanta I've seen when we flew to and from New Orleans.Juliette and I only came across one roundabout in the US up at Hilton Head and that was easy to negotiate even though we had to go to the right instead of the left:) The signs and lane directions were excellent.

  3. Because you are such a sweet friend.... I will leave a comment. And I will be nice. We are diehard Dodgers Fans and have been all our adult life. Those Braves were tough and deserved to win....HaHa... We watched that game on TV.

    Your trip sounded wonderful. What a great place to stay, and seeing a game live is so fun!! Especially when your teams wins.

  4. Wanda, you're so sweet. Have always liked the Dodgers, but have to support the home town team.

  5. Joanne, you have my sympathy about the Cleveland Indians, in football I'm an Oakland Raiders fan.

  6. Glad you have been having a great time! Looks like a great place. xx

  7. Lovely photos and your header is gorgeous!

  8. When I was a kid, they were the Milwaukee Braves. My parents were fans and had tickets now and then and it was a Big Deal when they left Wisconsin. I think that hotel room sounds really fun.
    How are you liking our class this week? The comparisons of print from different parts of the Middle Ages bored me silly but I'm hoping the rest of this week is more interesting. I'm really spending a lot of time on it, way more that was stated in the description.
    Stay cool!

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