Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Noon

The weather is doing me in, it finally cools down a bit, if you can call lower 90's down, then the humidity goes up and it feels worse than before.  Our morning walk this morning felt more like swimming than walking.  By the time we got back to the house our clothes were soaked, YUCK.
I washed sheets and towels this morning, big load, and for some reason the spin cycle didn't take out much water, so things were pretty wet.  Mac took the sheets upstairs to hang them and I threw the rest in the dryer which I seldomly use, but it's so humid they would never dry outside.
I picked my ring up yesterday and it looks beautiful!!!!  We haven't been able to take a decent picture of it, they all look fuzzy, but I'm putting one in anyway.
Also found the picture I took at the ballpark last week that shows how close we were to the action.
We enjoyed ourselves so much that we've already made reservations to go back again.
I've finally gotten around to reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, I was only about 67th on the waiting list for it at our library.  I really like it, her writing style is very different, not particularly linear and you really have to pay attention.
I missed 5 on Friday, Friday sort of got lost in the shuffle around here, but I'm going to borrow an idea from Amy at Love Made My Home and tell you 5 things I like and 5 things I don't like.

I'm not going to list my husband and daughter because I more than like them, I love them.

1.   I like chocolate, I'd eat some every day if I wasn't afraid of weighing even more than I do.  I like chocolate anything, I've even eaten chocolate covered ants and a grasshopper.

2.    I like my car.  It's a pretty, white Mazda 3 Hatchback and it's so comfortable to ride in.  It says Hello to you when you get in and Good-bye when you get out, it has a temperature gauge to tell you the outside temperature, it has a 6-speed manual transmission and is fun to drive. Mac has a little sports car, a Mazda Miata, and it's cute, but I'm not going to lie and tell you it's comfortable to ride in, it's not.

3.    I like taking trips to England.  We made our first trip there in the early 70's and it was love at first sight!  Since then we've been there somewhere between 20 and 30 times.  It's a beautiful country with friendly people.  We would get back from one trip and immediately book the next.  I'm not much on stately homes and castles anymore, we've seen lots of them, but I do love moated manor houses and gardens.  Can't wait for our next trip.

4.    I like Skype.  When we first learned that our daughter was moving to Japan I cried, it had been bad enough having her 600 miles away when she was in Maryland, but Japan was half a world away. Then she set us up with Skpe and once a week we get to SEE and talk to her.  She's still a long way away, but this makes it better.

5.  I like sports, particularly baseball (yeah Braves), football and golf, not so much basketball or hockey.  It's fun to go to live games, but truthfully you see better on tv than you do in person and a hot dog won't cost you $9.00.

Things I hate:

1.  I hate  it when people don't acknowledge that  I  have send a gift.  I took the trouble to find, buy and ship it, can't you at least let me know it got there.  You don't have to send me a Thank you card, an e-mail is fine.  If you don't,  you're stricken from the list of people I send gifts to.

2.  I hate cilantro, it tastes like something you've scraped off the cellar floor.  If I taste it in something it all but gags me.

3.  I hate hot weather.  I use to love summer, it could never be too hot for me.  But as I've grown older I am less able to deal with it.  Spring and Fall are so much better, I just tolerate summer and I hate to see what my electric bill looks like this month we've had to use so much air conditioning.

4.  I hate going grocery shopping, I wish I could buy food online.  Well actually I can, but boy is it expensive.  If my local stores started offering home delivery I'd definitely be interested.

5.  I hate weeds, why can't they rot and die from too much rain like my plants do?  My garden is so full of weeds right now that it's embarrassing, but until it gets a lot cooler and less humid I'm afraid there's not much I can do about it.

Amy did 10 things, but I heat-soaked brain says 5 is enough.  Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Next time you come to England try and come up our way!

  2. Great likes and loathes! It is a fun idea to do this isn't it. So glad that you got your ring back, I hope that it will be all safe now! xx

  3. Fun reading your post...haha..we have some very similar likes and dislikes....but I'll take that cilantro you scrape off the cellar floor...HaHa..

    What fun to see a Braves game live.

  4. I did not know what cilantro was but looking on google I see that it is coriander. I don't like it on its own but do like it added to thai curry.
    Even though you ring is fuzzy I can see that it looks lovely.
    I dont like the heat these days, just warm sunny days suit me fine. As you know we seldom get the temperatures you do.
    Imagine that you have been to the UK so many times - we shall have to make you an honorary citizen.

  5. Many people are allergic to cilantro.
    I love it but despise it when people cook it. It becomes soapy. Just a sprinkle on food when serving is wonderful, especially when I eat Vietnamese foods.
    Skype is great.
    We also video phone talk on our phone. We have the Japanese "Line" program but there is now a US app, that lets us watch, talk, IM, use and send great stickers and tons of stuff for free.
    Look into it.

    My children have always been all over the world in University. Now oldest lives in Japan and is a University Professor. You get used to it.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. When are you planning your next trip to the UK? You must have seen more of our country than the average British citizen in those 20-30 trips!
    I love love love chocolate too; I must admit I do eat some every day, and my expanding waistline is evidence of this...

  7. Hi - Just found your blog through Amy's Love made my home. I don't like the heat and grocery shopping either. Although the heat has not been a problems this Summer here in Cumbria (UK) as we haven't had any. Joan at

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