Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My County

We live in a small town near Savannah, Georgia and I've notice that when I visit some Blogs it says I'm from Hinesville, I'm not, Hinesville is about 30 miles from here, it's where Ft. Stewart is.  We're much closer to Savannah, different county too.  There are loads of counties in Georgia, 159 to be exact, we're second only to Texas which has 254.
We live in Bryan County and it has county commissioners to administer the country.  Can't name a one, but if I said Bubba was a county commissioner I probably wouldn't be wrong.  I sometimes think half this state is named Bubba.  We're virtually a one-party county too, if you're anything but a Republican you don't mention it in polite company.  So every couple of years one good old boy or another gets elected country commissioner.  I'm not sure what the qualifications for the job are, but having read the bios of those who've run I have to say they can't be much.
Anyway, these are the folks who have brought us our round about/ traffic circle and I don't want you to think this was their only accomplishment.
A couple of years ago they built a beautiful sports park in our end of the county.  Lots of baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields, fishing lakes, walking and biking paths.  It's really quite nice, except for one thing.
For the sports fields they decided to put in artificial turf so they could save money on watering.  Did they do any studies on artificial turf, see how it worked in the MLB and NFL?  Did they look info  the increase in sports injuries because of the hardness of the turf?  Did they realize how hot artificial turf gets, particularly in a semi-tropical zone like we live in?  The answer to all these questions is NO, they did not.
And what they now have is artificial turf, that is way more expensive than real grass, that has to be watered down constantly so that it's not too hot to play on.  There has been talk of taking it all out and laying sod.
Oh, by the way, did I mention that you have to drive around the round about/ traffic circle to get to the park?

My county commissioners, gotta love them.


  1. Where you live sounds very much like where we live in that sometimes our councils do things which we think are so obviously silly. Sadly we have to put up with these things - still I wouldn't live anywhere else and I am sure you feel the same. (and at least we both live in countries where we are able to talk about such things freely).

  2. To be honest I am not certain what our county council does, other than arranging for the hedges to be trimmed once a year and of throwing a shovel full of tar into the numerous potholes. I suppose that importantly to them is the fat salary they draw down.

  3. How are things going with the roundabout?? Still driving everyone around the bend.... xx

  4. We also have roundabouts in our county now. I never thought I would see one here. The first time I saw one in England, it reminded me of Clark Griswold going round and round on the roundabout in London in the National Lampoon European Vacation movie!

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