Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Power of Three or Why We Didn't Make it to the Movies This Week

We were supposed to go to the movies on Tuesday to see the new Jurassic World movie, but neither of us felt like making the effort so we put it off till Wednesday.
 Tuesday I filled our dishwasher, something I don't do very often, I usually wash dishes by hand.  I don't like running small loads and with the 2 of us it takes a while to get enough dishes to make a real load.  So I only run it occasionally to keep the rubber seals around the door from drying out---that happened on another dishwasher we had and we had to replace them.  So late Tuesday with enough dishes to make it worth while I turned the dishwasher on and it didn't work, didn't seem like it was getting any water.  Had the water line dried up?  Well it was 11 o'clock and we decided to wait until Wednesday to figure out what had gone wrong.  I say we knowing full well I mean Mac.
Then in the middle of the night I woke up sick, spent some quality time on the bathroom floor hanging around the porcelain throne.  It was not a good night.  The cat stayed with me for awhile, patting me as if to say, "There, there".
Wednesday I was better, but in no shape to sit through a movie.
Then Wednesday afternoon I looked down at my hand and discovered that the diamond had fallen out of my engagement ring.  I started to cry!  Mac held me and told me it'd be ok, he'd replace it.  But I was so sad, it's been a part of me for 50  years.
Since then we've both been tearing the house apart, Mac even took apart the drain on my sink.  So far no luck.  Mac says to give him till Tuesday to see if he can find it, if not we'll go and get it replaced.
Unfortunately my rings fits so tightly they'll probably have to cut the ring off.
Not a good week.


  1. Well, damn. I do hope that pretty little rock reappears, but if it doesn't, trust Mac. If it went down the porcelain throne, well, I'd be inclined to enjoy knowing someone will find it in their fish in a century of two.

  2. Oh no, hope the diamond is found...a nylon over a vacume nozzle works well to pick them up. I put my diamonds away some years ago after I had them re set because the prongs were worn. Good Luck!! :)

  3. That's an awful thing to happen, I'm so sorry - hopefully it will turn up somewhere sooner or later. Sorry you were ill - all better now I trust.


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