Thursday, July 16, 2015

What Have I Been Doing?

I be bad, I haven't posted all week, not from lack of ideas, more like a lack of energy.
Monday was spent mowing our lawn, in 96º heat.  I don't want to say it fried my brain, but it didn't help.
Tuesday we finally made it to the theatre to see Jurassic World and we really enjoyed it.  Not because of the storyline, rather predictable, not the stars, didn't recognize anyone although the lead guy was ok, definitely not because of the pathos they kept trying to interject.  No, no, no, it was the dinos of course, particularly the raptors and their part in the movie.  So if you go to see it don't look for a great story, character development or any other such mundane thing, go for the dinos.
Ah, then Wednesday I had to get caught up on a class that I'm taking, "England in the Time of Richard III".  I am a Richardian and have always had an interest in the Plantagenet Kings so I was really looking forward to the class.  It's been a little slow going this first week and many  of the discussions seem to be made up of how many  people like Phillippa Gregory, who had written numerous fiction books about this period, and ewwww, wasn't battle savage--who knew.  So I'm a little disappointed so far, about the only thing I've learned, and I actually think I knew it already, just forgot it, is that you can date peat and that's how they finally found the bog where the Battle of Bosworth took place.
Yesterday evening we had a huge storm and there are branches and parts of trees down all over our neighborhood.  We were lucky, bits and pieces of branches  on the lawn, but not much else.  Our electricity was out for nearly 2 hours, but finally came back on as we were getting ready to jump in the pool to cool off.  Took a bit to clean the pool today, lots of leaves and leaf debris.
So that was my week.  No rain today or at least not so far.


  1. We were thinking about seeing the Jurassic Park movie, too. Well, one of us was thinking about it more so than the other one --
    Paul has never seen a 3-D movie. So I was interested in your review.
    I agree about the comments on Richard III! The one that took the cake for me was the woman who commented on the White Boar emblem and said she thought it was "quite attractive." Really! I was shocked at how it must have been to be engaged in battle up that close to each other and all they have learned from the skeletons that were found in the grave. I looked at some of the sights mentioned in the comments and some were very good and added a lot to what the actual class offers. I'm pretty pleased so far actually. Have you commented yet? How are you identified?
    Oh, a swimming pool sounds so lovely!

  2. I don't fancy the Jurassic World movie though who knows, I'd probably really enjoy it if I watched it. That's one thing that my movie watching challenge has taught me this year, give things a try, I've liked some things I've totally avoided in the past.

  3. Good to hear your review of Jurassic... we probably won't go but wait til it hits Netflix:)
    I picked our one half way cool day to it is a little warm with long pants and socks pulled over those and a hooded sweatshirt...just to escape the Poison Ivy....I was exhausted. Have a good weekend:)

  4. Jurassic Park isn't my kind of thing but Richard III is a different matter. I'm reading about him at the moment. Is it an online course that you are doing?

  5. I hope that you are OK after the storm. I thought that you were going to say that you liked the film because the cinema was so cold from their air conditioning!! Hee hee!! Of course Dino's are good too! xx

  6. Rowan, it is an online course through the University of Leicester, part of their continuing education.

  7. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award and you can check out the details here on my blog.

    Thanks for being a great blogger! ♥

    Marianne from Let's Read

  8. I'm afraid the course you are taking is a little over my doesn't take much. And, I am not much of a dinosaur person. Now I can relate to mowing in 96 degree weather. It is very hot and humid here again too, after having a couple of cooler days.

  9. Sounds enough excitement for one week as far as I am concerned.


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