Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday, Again?

They come faster that when I worked.  Have to go on Chemo for a 2nd time.  My lungs are ok, but other spots have shown up very small. First round was today, feel good, hope it stays that way.
 Am going to try and do somethings before I wear out.
Went to the Tournament of Champions Golf Tournament last Thursday, it was great.  Free transport from hole to hole for handicap and free lunch from Chick Filet.
We ordered theater seating for our upstairs movie room will post pictures soon, they're on Mac's camera.' Been using our stair master going up and down to famiarize myself with it all.'Thought we'd have to put another one going to to upstairs, but even though it has more stairs, it's not as steep.  Have no trouble getting up and down them.  We only have 1 Roku so may need another. We've ordered movie posters and a popcorn machine to complete the room.
I've ordered yarn for lap afghans, the cat about ruined the leather on our other chairs; they'll be shades of gold, oatmeal and brown.
Sounds like we've spent a bit but considering the trouble we had with the gall bladder we felt we deserved it.


  1. I am so sorry that you have to go on Chemo for the second time. ((hugs)). The movie room sounds great. I can't wait to see your lap afghans, the colors sound just perfect. Sending prayers your way. ((hugs))

  2. So sorry to hear you are having round two. Darn cancer anyways. Your movie room sounds like a great place to relax!

  3. Sorry about the chemo but Fabulous about the movie theater !
    Mail may be coming.... maybe !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I hope the chemo doesn't kick your butt-maybe you will just sail through it--fingers crossed and prayers that happens.

    You will love having a theater room and you DO deserve it! Have a great week- xo Diana

  5. How sad that you must again endure chemo and the disheartening side effects that go with it. Movie room, afghans--whatever it takes to distract or cheer you, bring it on! [Incidentally, when I bought leather furniture in WY I had no idea it is't resistant to cat attacks!]

  6. I sure hate you've got to go through more chemo. I can't imagine having my very own movie room. That sounds just great, especially the popcorn machine! :) You're right about Mondays coming around faster. The days simply fly since I've retired.

  7. Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear about it. It will be all fine. Have rest ,and big hug for you.

  8. Very sorry to hear you need chemo again, but I think you are doing something very positive with your movie room. You will really enjoy using it, I think. Sending prayers and best wishes for health!

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through chemo again. It's good that you're doing things around the house to make it easier and comfortable for you both. The movie room also sounds great and the yarn colours a good combination. I take it you're going to do some crocheting. That craft has always helped me relax. All the best Janet.

  10. I too am sorry to hear you need more chemo, but pleased to know that chemo does work. The stair lifts should give you a bit of fun once you're used to them. Take care!

  11. Well, damn! Keep at it! I hope your spring is beautiful and you're out and enjoying it, to. xxoo

  12. The movie room sounds amazing and a well deserved treat for you both. So sorry to read about another round of chemo, you will be in my prayers.

  13. You certainly do deserve it. I'm sorry to read the chemo news, that's pants. Hold on tight. x

  14. Well that's too bad about the chemo but your movie room sounds fab! Good to hear you focussing on the positives.

  15. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers. The new movie room sounds wonderful. 🤗💕🤗

  16. Commenting on two posts at once here - I love Georgette Heyer and was just looking for one of her books to re-read! Will have to check out Cotillion again. The ecclesiastical series sounds very interesting too.

    I'm truly sorry to hear about the need for more chemo. Saying a prayer for you.

    Seriously jealous at the idea of a popcorn machine in your movie room! Just think of that delicious smell wafting through your house. :)

  17. So sorry to hear you have to have more chemo.Fingers crossed for you.

  18. I pray that your illness is cured.
    Sakura season is coming soon in Japan.
    Hope you enjoy your new season.

  19. I am sorry to hear you need more chemotherapy. Thinking of you x

  20. Hoping that this second round of chemo will know it all out!

    Your movie room sound wonderful - perfect for relaxing!

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