Thursday, February 15, 2018

Swamp News

Many of you may have noticed that I haven't been as active as usual and there's a reason.  I'm having serious health issues at this time that I'm not ready to go into details about.  But from time-to-time I'll have to step away from Blogging and that's hard for me as you all have become an important part of my life.   I will try to keep reading Blogs and leaving messages.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Just a Quickie From the Swamp

Busy week of errands and appointments, not much down time.  Some rain, but mostly mild, lots of 70's for the new week, that makes me happy.  Mac is busy painting, sold so many paintings lately he's had to restock.
We bought a milkshake machine and made strawberry milkshakes last night, they were so good.
Going to fix bacon, corn chowder soup today, need to use up some bacon.
They're rerunning the Super Bowl today and now that we know who won it we can watch and enjoy it.
Reading a wonderful book  Three Daughters of Eve by Elif Shafak about a Muslim girl in Istanbul who goes to Oxford and where she becomes friends with a very divergent group of friends and takes a course about God who she has been struggling with most of her life..  It was recommended by Marianne at Let's Read and I'm so glad, will definitely make my best list this year.
Not much in the way to tv watching, just the Pro-Am Golf Tournament from Pebble Beach California.  Like to keep track of Bill Murray's antics.
That's about it from the swamp.

Monday, February 5, 2018

In the BackYard Again

Mac called me out to the backyard to greet some visitors,  We had 8 Canadian Geese out there.  Usually we'll get a mated pair, but this year it looks like a flock of bachelors have landed.  We always call them the Honk Brothers.  We fed  them a load of bread and just enjoyed the sunshine.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Flu Shot

Broke down and we got flu shots this week.  We don't normally get them, but this year's outbreak is so bad we decided maybe we had better.  Mac had virtually no reaction and I had a sore arm that's more or less gone now so that's good.
Cold today, but promises of temperatures around 70º by mid-week, doesn't that sound good!
I figure the Patriots will win the Super Bowl and that's just boring, would love an upset.
Just finished reading We'll Always Have Paris: Trying and Failing to be French  by Emma Beddington and really enjoyed it.  From the time she was a teenage reading French Elle she knew she was French trapped in an English body.  This is her autobiography.  Funny, sad and very interesting.  I understand she has a blog called and I guess I'll have to go and give it a look to see what she's been up to since writing the book.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Beautiful Day

Went out in the backyard today with Mac, what a gorgeous day.  Not the warmest, but awfully nice in the sun.  He fed the fish and then we just sat and soaked it in, woodpecker working on a dead tree, a bluejay trilling, little peepies picking up breadcrumbs, even think we heard a honey bee.    It actually looked  and sounded like spring out there.  Mac has his garden ready for planting his Fava Beans.  We'll see how February goes before he puts them in.  No pictures, forgot to take a camera out and too lazy to go back in and get one.
Working on my cross-stitch, the end end is in sight.  Mac's  busy painting as always.    Have to share one he just finished, it's so cute.

Is that not adorable!

Feeling a bit British today, it will be Fish and Chips for lunch.  Wish my chips tasted like theirs do.  I probably gain 5 pounds every time we go to England because of the chips.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Overnight lows around 60º--that would be last Sunday night--overnight lows around 30º--that would be tonight.  My daffodils are blooming and I asked Mac to cut them and bring them in so they don't have to freeze.  I fear that February is going to be as cold as January and that's after they predicted we'd have a warmer than normal winter down here--HA!
Breakfast for dinner today, Ham, Eggs and Potatoes, I'm not feeling very creative.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Kitchen Smells So Good!

It really does.  First thing this morning I made a big pot of Chile, part for tomorrow's lunch and part to freeze.  When that was done I started work on Lamb Shanks, they'll be today's lunch.  Braise the shanks, remove, cook carrots, onions and garlic, put the shanks back in, add chicken stock, red wine, rosemary and thyme.  Then let it bubble for a couple of hours before you serve it over mashed potatoes.  You can smell it all over the house.
Washed the slipcover for the couch and realized I couldn't throw it in the dryer, it's line dry only and because it's going to rain off and on all day I can't hang it outside, so Mac took it upstairs to hang in the attic, probably take 2 days there.  Which means we'll probably destroy the couch while it's gone.
Skyped with our daughter this morning, always look forward to our Sunday morning chats.  Except for the fact that Miss Kitty crawls all over my desk and rubs up against the computer, knock things in the floor, gnaws on my hand--gently of course--and anything else she can think of to distract me.  She hates for me to Skype or talk on the phone.  She tolerates the computer, sitting her fine, furry rear on on router, but doesn't appreciate other forms of communication.  We usually end up throwing her out of the room.
Tried to watch Despicable Me 3 this weekend, it was bad, bad, bad and we didn't finish it.  Loved the first one, was ok with the 2nd, but the 3rd says it's time to end the franchise.
We're really enjoying the 3rd series of The Detectorists, watching it slowly because Mackenzie Crook says there'll be no more.  Mac has been investigating places in England where you can spend a couple of day metal detecting, wouldn't that be great.
Hope you're having a good weekend.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

What's Cooking?

Why it's Bean and Bacon Soup and it smells so good.  What I need are some plastic containers to store and freeze my soups in so I can pull them out as needed.  As long as the weather stays chilly I'll be making soup and next up is Chile.

They came out today to fill up our propane tank.  We use propane for cooking and in our fireplaces and with as cold as it's been, and in an effort to keep our electric bill reasonable, we've been using the fireplace a lot.  I called them last week and paid for what I thought we'd need, but it's 3-5 business days before they deliver the propane and in the mean time we burned up a bit more so I called the company to pay the rest of the bill.  The lady I talked with said I'm the first person EVER who'd called in to pay for the extra, that they usually have to track them down to get them to pay.  She thanked me profusely.

Played piano for a while this morning, I have a book of Puccini's Operas for the piano, simplified for my level.  They're just so darn beautiful even with me whacking at them.  My favorite it the one known as Musetta's Waltz.  You may know it as Don't You Know by various artists.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wednesday in the Swamp

I haven't had a lot to blog about except the weather and that gets a bit boring after a while.  Monday was an absolutely gorgeous day, hit 77º and we worked in the garden.  It looks really bad, between my neglect and the snow it needs a lot of work.
My Daffodils are coming up and they even have buds on them.  We've covered them on the cold nights and are hoping for the best.
I need to do some more decluttering, I went through the dishes and there's a stack sitting here, some will go on eBay and some will go to Goodwill.  Also need to get rid of a bunch of stemware, we never use it.  Probably to Goodwill as trying to mail it to someone would be cost prohibitive.  Postage is getting so expensive.
I need to go through my closet too. I've got to stop thinking, well I might wear that someday.  Ha, if I haven't worn it in a year (dresses excepted because I only wear them on special occasions) I'm not going to wear it.  It may look pretty hanging in the closet, but it isn't getting worn any time soon.  So they need to go.
Lots of soups being eaten and today it's shrimp and rice, perfect for the weather.
Lots of reading and not much else, I keep telling myself to finish my cross-stitch, but I get bored and go back to reading.  I am so easily distracted, except when I'm reading, and flit from one thing to another.  I know a lot of people listen to audio books, but I'd forget I'm listening and get going on something else.  I'm definitely not an auditory person.  Don't give me oral directions for anything, write it down.
Changed my header, a painting Mac painted for me a year or so ago.  Right now he's busy wrapping a painting that's going out today. One lady has bought 5 paintings from him, she really likes his work.   I'm so proud of him
Hope you're having a good January.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Tiring Experience

Spent the day running around yesterday trying to get a tire fixed.    Some how or another we picked up a nail in one of my back tires and it caused a slow leak. My car has less than 17,000 miles on it so this tire should have been good for many more miles. Thank goodness our daughter had given us her old tire pump when she was here at Christmas.  You just hook it up to the car cigarette lighter and to the tire, it pumps up automatically.  So that kept us going.
The first place we went to said it'd be over an hour before they could even look at it.  So we went else where to Savannah Tire.  Knew they'd be more expensive, but would get it done quickly.  And they did.  Of course, as it turned out the tire couldn't be repaired so we'd have to buy a new one.  I have really good tires on my car, a set of them runs a bit over a $1,000.  So after just putting in a new heating unit you know we weren't putting that expensive a tire on the car, plus they'd have to order one and that it would be some time that afternoon before it got there.  Nope, we got a less expensive, notice I didn't say cheap because it wasn't, alternative.  They had us out in under an hour.  An expensive visit, but relatively quick.
Got to find a cheaper way to continue this year.  
My less expensive Falken Tire
The more expensive Yokahoma  Tire.  

I think the Falken looks every bit as good.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday in the Swamp

Doesn't look like much of a swamp here today.  Quite cold,  yes, yes I know it's really cold up north, but really, we're a 100 miles from Florida, it's not supposed to feel like this.  Out running around, hit the Dollar Store, went to the bank, renewed my library card (don't understand that one, I haven't moved or changed a thing) and went to breakfast.  We have such a nice family run cafe near here, love going there, they treat you like they're actually glad to see you.
Going down to the lower 20's tonight and tomorrow night, then we warm up.  This is getting real old.
Time to retire to my couch and do something productive.  Mac's dusting my blinds for me, love that man!
Stay warm.

Swamp News

Many of you may have noticed that I haven't been as active as usual and there's a reason.  I'm having serious health issues at t...