Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Finally Looking LIke Fall

It's November 25, Fall started 2 months ago, we're a little over 3 weeks away from winter, but that's ok.  It's finally starting to look like Fall here.  The leaves are changing color and falling, the yard is covered in pine straw and holly bushes have berries.  The temperature has been up and down, up to 80º one day and down to 26º, but that's typical for fall here.
Rain started on Sunday, first real rain we've had since October.  Got 2 inches out of that, then rain yesterday and more rain today, more than 3 inches altogether.  Glad we have flood insurance.
Hope everyone has a warm and tasty Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

That Was The Week That Was

When last we met I was waiting for weird weather: tornadoes in the afternoon followed by a freeze that night.  Well we had rain, but no lightning and no tornadoes, followed by a pretty hard freeze, it went down to 26º here which will frost you right and proper.
Then it was thaw out and go grocery shopping one of my least favorite things in the world to do.  I need drone delivery.
Then we discovered our heater wasn't working properly and we called our Redneck maintenance man who said to turn it off and he'd be there in the morning.  Thank goodness for our gas fireplaces.
He was here bright and early, way too early and went to work.  He found one problem, got a new part and it still wouldn't work.  Turned out the darn thing was running on emergency heat, which will burn your dollars like kindling, and the thermostat had to be reset.
Last night we went out dancing for the first time in so long I forgot how to get my dancing boots on.  Being on the lookout for Swamp Heifers ( go read Pearl, Why You Little ... for an explantation of this name) we headed out to a local restaurant/bar/dance hall and had a great night dancing to the music of some old friends.  We did see one Swamp Heifer who managed to fall on the floor while dancing, but we were able to avoid her.  Would have been nice if her partner had helped her up.
Fast week, now I need to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Strange, Strange Weather

We're under 2 very different weather warnings today.  We're under a tornado watch this afternoon.  It's quite warm here, should hit about 78ª this afternoon, about the time a rather large cold front that has brought snow to the midwest gets here.  And we all know what happens when warm air meets cold air, wind and tornadoes.  Hope the front gets here before it gets any warmer.
Then tonight, thanks to the cold front, we're under a freeze warning.  Last night our lows was in the 60's, tonight it's supposed to be around 25ª.
We need a little moderation here.

We're just below Savannah on the coast

Saturday, November 15, 2014


The now cleared patio
All right autocorrect, enough, stop it.  I didn't write, "Yikes, Mac found a copperfield on the patio"; he didn't find David Copperfield sunbathing on the brick patio, NO!  He found a copperhead snake.  A poisonous viper that he safely removed to the empty lot next door.
Then the next day he found another one, about  3 feet down from where he had found the first one.
Copperheads like to lay in woody areas, damp areas, compost piles, sawdust and piles of leaves.  And that's exactly where Mac found the two of them.
Over the last couple of months leaves had gathered up next to the wooden fence at the back of the patio.   Now that it's cooler Mac wanted to clear the area and boy did he.  Be assured that leaves will no longer gather in this area.

Copperheads are  vipers and though not extremely poisonous they are quick to bite.
From the internet:


Unlike most venomous snakes, copperheads give no warning signs and strike almost immediately if they feel threatened. Copperheads have the dubious distinction of having bitten the most people in the United States, but fortunately, their venom is not very potent. Children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems may have strong reactions to the venom, however, and anyone who is bitten by a copperhead should seek medical attention.

So autocorrect, when I say Copperhead, don't correct me, I'm pretty sure David Copperfield won't bite me  and I worry that this guy might!

Friday, November 14, 2014


Savannah is such a pretty city though we tend to take it for granted and have not visited as often as we should.  We only live about 15 miles from it and yet it's been forever since we've been downtown.  So on Tuesday we spent the afternoon there, Mac got his piano, I got my hamburger and we both enjoyed a beautiful November day.
We walked along River Street, saw a huge, and I do mean huge, container ship, a pirate ship (El Galeon de Andalucia) that's here for 10 days as part of it's sail down the east coast from Maryland to Florida , the World War II Memorial and actually found the spot where General Oglethorpe first came ashore when he came to found the colony of Georgia in 1733.
Great weather for November, in the mid 70's and lovely blue skies.  Behind the container ship you can catch a glimpse of Hutchinson Island that sets in the middle of the Savannah River.  It has the Savannah Island Trade and Convention Center and the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort.  In the new year Georgia's legislature is going to consider allowing gambling there, that would be interesting and good for tourism, but this is such a conservative state I doubt if it will happen.
Huge container ship

Pirate ship

World War II Memorial
Where General Oglethorpe landed

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Urge For a Big Honking Hamburger

The original reason we were heading into Savannah Tuesday was not to buy a piano, but rather because I've had the urge for a big honking hamburger.  Not a Xerox thick
McDonald's burger, not a greasy 5 Guys burger (complete with information on the steer's homelife), not a $15 cheese, bacon, pepper, guacamole gourmet burger.  No I wanted a big, thick burger with onions, lettuce, tomato and mustard on a good bun.
So we were heading to The Olympia Cafe on River Street because not only do they have great Greek food (calamari so tender it melts in your mouth), but they do a killer hamburger for $5.00.  And watching them cook was like a scene from Saturday Night Live (think the Olympia Restaurant skit with  John Belusi), you know, " Cheese burger, cheese burger, no chips, Pepsi, no Coke."
And it was great!  Had a Greek salad with it and if we'd have remembered how big their salads were we'd have shared one.
Next we need to hit the Middle Eastern cafe and Carleones.  Ah, Savannah, you do have good food.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In Which I Blame the Parisienne Farmgirl

It is, it's all her fault.  A few days ago on Facebook she posted pictures of what people had been doing with old pianos.  One of the pictures was of an old piano that had been made into a bar.
A converted piano
Mac fell in love with it.  He immediately remembered that Jere's, a huge antique store in downtown Savannah, had quite a few old pianos.  We'd planned on going into Savannah for Veteran's Day anyway, so noon yesterday found us parked in front of Jere's.  They know us well there, Jere has relieved us of more than a few dollars through the years, so they promptly told us to not worry about there being no parking spaces available, to just park in their loading zone because we'd probably be buying something.
And they were right.  Jerre made us a deal on an old piano that we couldn't refuse.  He's holding on to it till we can arrange for someone to pick it up for us.

Here's Jere"s
Here's the piano we bought
Mac is looking forward to making it into a bar.  I told you he could do anything.
But as I said at the beginning, I blame Angela over at Parisienne Farmgirl for this.