Thursday, August 17, 2017

Just Some Random Thoughts On Thursday

I didn't post anything yesterday, my only excuse is that it was 98º here yesterday with a heat index, what it actually felt like, of 110º.  The brain melts at those kinds of temperatures.
More about why my optometrist annoyed me.  I see my retina specialist 4 times a year and that's 50 miles round trip each time, and it's 16 miles round trip to my optometrist.  When the "trial" contact comes in I have to go in, try it on and then if we're all pleased, and I have been pleased with these contacts for 14 years, then they'll order me 2 boxes and I can then make another 16 mile round trip to pick them up when they come in.  They aren't charging me for the extra visit, but I'd pay them not to have to go because between the Retina Specialist and the optometrist that's nearly 250 miles in visits for my eyes.  I have to see the Specialist, this other just feels like harassment, I wouldn't even go for the initial visit if state law didn't requirement it.  But enough of me complaining.
People often ask how I can read 3 or more books at a time, they say they would get confused.  Generally I read books that are so different that it would be impossible to confuse them. Right now I'm very slowly working my way through Skippy Dies (reading only a few pages a day) , it's about boys in an Irish boys school.  The main book I'm reading is Chasing Shadows an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery.  He's a Scotland Yard detective who is haunted by the man he had executed during WWI.  I'm also reading Brideshead Revisited.   No way to confuse those 3 stories. I'm also slowly working my way through the 3rd volume of the Winston Churchill biography--this volume isn't as good as the first 2 and it's taking much longer.
We've been rewatching a bunch of Midsomer Murders and we got to an old favorite, The Black Book.  It's about the forgery of some paintings.  When we first watched it Mac was inspired to paint a picture that sort of went with it.  Barnaby was able to detect it was a forgery because the line cast was wrong.

Today it's fish and coleslaw for lunch.  Salmon for Mac and some kind of fish baked in the oven for me.  My main requirement for fish is that it doesn't particularly taste much like fish.

Wherever you are stay cool or dry or warm.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Big Blue Eyes

Ok, I understand that I have strange eyes.  One eye is so much stronger than the other one that my brain only processes the information from the strong eye.  I'm not blind in that eye, the brain just doesn't use it for vision, unless the strong eye is covered up, and even then it's not as strong.
My eyes have always been this way, it's an inherited condition.  My Father had it, my older sister has it, my daughter has it.  It just is.
I've worn a contact lens on my good eye for about 20 years.  It beats wearing my REALLY thick glasses out in public.
Georgia has a law that says you have to have an eye exam each year in order to get a prescription for contact lens.  I see a Retina Specialist four times a year for other problems, but this doesn't count.  So today I went in for an eye exam at the same place I've been going to since we moved here 14 years ago.
Saw a different doctor, don't know if she's new or not, but she insists that when the contacts come in, instead of me just taking them home with me I have to try it on for her to see.
These are the same contacts I've been wearing for years.  She says I have such a strong prescription and such "interesting" eyes it would be better for her to see me wearing them.
I hope she gets a good look, cause next time I'll get them from someone else.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Just Another Monday

As opposed to a Manic one.  Mondays are rather peaceful around here.  Most of our neighbors have gone back to work, those still here are holed up in their houses with the air conditioner running full blast.
We walked a shortened walk this morning and jumped in the pool.   It was time to Skype with our daughter.  Eight-thirty am in the morning here , nine-thirty pm for her, so weird.  She'd spent the last 4 days in Tokyo, hanging out with friends and going to concerts.
Last time I blogged I said we'd had 2 days with no rain, I spoke too soon.  By late Saturday afternoon the thunder boomers fired up and we got nearly a half inch of rain.  Just a sprinkling yesterday and nothing yet, notice I said yet.
Sportswise this is my favorite time of year.  Baseball and football and throw in a really good golf tournament.
We watched a really nice movie this weekend and I appreciate nice.  It was Sing Street, an Irish movie directed by John Carney.  He also directed Once, one of our all time favorite movies.  Sing Street is about a young (15) boy whose family is deteriorating and he has to move to another school, a much rougher school.  Across the street from the school he meets a girl and to impress her he says he's in a band and could use her in their video shoot.  So he has to form a band.  Very funny, a bit sad and so good.
A bit of cross-stitching today, I'm really not liking the printed design or the heavy canvas like material, but I shall persevere.
Some good music on my MP3 player today, particularly Mambo Number 5 by Lou Bega.  If that doesn't get you up on your feet nothing will.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday's Child Must Work For a Living

Not quite this bad, but almost
Well this poor Saturday child began her day with cleaning the oven.  Mac helped, he took the racks outside and worked on them.  I'm not going to say the over is clean, but it is cleaner.
Two days of sunshine, no rain, how nice is that!    I didn't have to jump in the pool until after I cleaned the oven.
Today is Middle Child Day and I'm a middle child, never the first, nor the baby, looking for my own place in the sun.  I was the family comedian.  Gotta stand out some way.  Mac is a middle child too.
I always told our daughter that she got to be what I always wanted to be, an only child.
Ninety-two today and tomorrow, so it was beer and shrimp yesterday and steak sandwiches today.  Cannot deal with heavy meals this time of year.

What day of the week were you born on?

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonnie and blithe and good and gay.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

When It Rains It Pours

And we're not talking salt here.  It has rained nearly every day this summer, sometimes a little, sometimes a LOT.  Yesterday was "a LOT" day.  It rained more than 2 1/4 inches in under an hour.  Our swamp is turning into a bog.  A small tree that was damaged by Matthew last fall finally gave up the ghost and fell into the lagoon.  The ground was just too soaked to support it any more.
It was a loud booming storm, at one point had the strangest sounding thunder I've ever heard.  Our tv went out, naturally, it's on satellite and any kind of bad weather knocks it out.  Then the phone and internet went out.  The internet was intermittent until evening, the phone, when it came back on, was so full of static it would have been impossible to use.  It's much better today.
I have a cell phone, but reception here is poor because of all the trees so we more or less rely on the landline.
Yesterday was a heavy lunch, I fixed Sweet and Sour Pork with Fried Rice.  Today it's BLT sandwiches.
The air was drier this morning so I did a load of laundry and hung it outside.  With no warning it started raining a little while ago and Mac rushed out to bring the clothes in (that's the deal, I hang the clothes out, he brings them in).  They hadn't dried at all and they'd been out there for hours.  So another load in the dryer.

Read a horrible headline today, something to really give you nightmares.  A majority of Republicans would back Pres. Trump if he postponed the 2020 elections.  How scary is that?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Another Day, Another Dollar

 Up late, Mac let me sleep in, he got up at 7:30.  Have I mentioned how HUMID it is here?  About a 1,000 times probably.  Morning walk was a struggle so we turned the air conditioning on at 9:30, that's almost unheard of for us.  Turned it off for awhile now that the house is bearable.  Got the electric bill, bad, but bearable, Miss Kitty agreed to pay her share of it.
Today's jobs were laundry and mopping.  I don't understand why we have so much laundry, we wear the bare minimum of clothing, yet the hamper over flows.  In the past I've accused the cat of cross-dressing and adding to the load---she swears it's not true.  Well someone's wearing them.  The clothes are going in the dryer, something I hate to do, I actually enjoy hanging out clothes, but the air is so full of moisture that they'd never dry.  So dryer it is.
Then after breakfast it was floor mopping time.  I have an electric mop that steam cleans the floor and boy they needed it.  So for a brief moment the tile floors are clean.
Following on with my today is posts, today is National Book Lover's Day and I'm definitely a book lover.  Always read at least 3 books at a time.  Right now I'm reading:
The Jakarta Pandemic by Stephen Konkoly.   It's a bit of a train wreck and I won't be recommending it to anyone, just want to get through it.  I have The Chilbury Ladies' Choir by Jennifer Ryan  waiting for me, it's a library e-book and I need to get started on it.
I'm also reading Blue Monday by Nicci French.  I usually like her/their books (they're a husband/wife writing team), but I'm having trouble with this one.  I'm tired of "damaged" psychologists/psychiatrists.  This is the first of their Frieda Klein books and unless it picks up I won't be going on with them.
I'm still working my way through Skippy Dies by Paul Murray, teenage boys are beyond my ken, but I'm enjoying the story anyway.  Can't say I'm finding some of the male teachers in the book much more grown up than the boys.
Well, wherever you are find a good book to lose yourself in today.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Doing Very Little

The air conditioner came on early today, 95º yesterday and only around 90º today, but as always, HUMID.  Little gets done in this kind of weather.  My only projects are Swiffering the floors (done) and balancing the checkbooks- that's next.
I prefer the checkbooks to the floors, so dollars are better than dust.
Had an email from my sister-in-law, only have one left, she keeps us up-to-date on Mac's family in California.  She says our nephew is looking at land and considering building a house.  Would you believe that construction costs where they live (the San Francisco Bay Area ) are around $450 a sq.ft. and about 300,000 to 400,000 for a lot.  A bit rich for my money.  One of the reasons we decided not to retire in California, though that's where we're from, too expensive and too many people.  We like living in the boonies.  Our house, if we moved it to California,  would probably sell for way over a million, maybe close to two million.  Obviously that's not what we paid.
Miss Kitty wanted me to tell you that today is World Cat Day and in honor of that she's doing even less today than she did yesterday.  She coughed once today and we gave her the new cough syrup, she didn't say much, but she hasn't coughed since.
Mac has sold 3 paintings this week.  Nice living with an artist.