Monday, June 29, 2015

Where Does the Cat Sleep?

In answer to that I'd have to say anywhere she wants.  In order to get her 20 hours of shut eye each day she has to vary her routine.  She sleeps in windows, on boxes, on the music books by the piano, on the tv satellite box, under the bed, on the bed, on the end table with her head on the couch, on the kitchen table, the entryway tables and any other table that takes her fancy, on my puzzle, in any cupboard she can open, under the sink, on the newel post, on her window seats, in her tunnel and on her scratching post.  Where doesn't she sleep?  In any cat bed we've ever been foolish enough to buy here.
Lately her favorite place is on Mac's printer.  And just to be truly weird we found her this morning on the bathmat that was wet and laying on the tub faucets.  Cats!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Where does the week go?  It has finally cooled off a bit here, if you can call high 80's and low 90's cooler.  Each day starts with a walk and a swim, absolutely can't walk later in the day and if our housing area wasn't full of tall shady trees we wouldn't be able to walk even in the morning.
I finally made it out into the garden this morning, pulled up about 700 weeds and the rest just laughed at me.
Mac dug potatoes up, brought tomatoes into ripen and a few green beans that I'm going to use in a green bean salad.
 Planning on seeing Jurassic World this week, first time we've been to the movies in years, usually wait for them to come out on Netflix.  But we decided the dinos need to be on the big screen.
I leave you with my favorite pair.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday

Though I'm starting this on Friday, I'll bet it's Saturday before I get this done.  Somebody, and woe betide my memory, mentioned that I seldomly show my paintings so I thought I'd show 5 of mine.  The photography is really bad, but I was hot and tired so we'll just have to go with it.

Mary Cassatt is one of my favorite painters and I like painting children so I did a water color copy of her paintings, it's called Children on the Beach.
Here is her painting:

Here is my water color:  

The second is  a water color I did of an ocean scene, I can't remember where I found the original.

The next is  an oil painting I did of a beached boat.  I love to paint boats, no idea why.  The original was a photograph I found on the internet.

The fourth is a simple still life, no idea where I found the original.  Again it's a water color.

The last painting is a copy of a Rembrandt, boy don't I think I'm good that I'm copying his work, LOL.  Actually the reason I did it is because in ways it looks like our daughter, though she's much better looking.  Mac had to help me with the nose.  It's an oil painting.

Well I'm surprised, I'm about done and it's still Friday.  I'm joining in with Amy at Love Made My Home and others for this Five on Friday, click on the icon to visit.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Osiyo is Cherokee for hello.  A few days ago I got a magazine from the Cherokee tribe called Anadisgoi.  This is a new venture for the Tribe and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I am a member of the Cherokee tribe, finally got my tribal enrollment card a couple of years ago.  In order to get one you must prove direct descent from one of the people on the Dawes Roll that was established in the early 1900's.
In order to break the power of the tribal chiefs the federal government decided to give the reservation lands to individuals instead of the tribe holding it as a whole.  So a census was done to find all the Cherokees in what was then eastern Oklahoma, before it became a state.
My Grandmother Pearl Anderson Kennedy is on that roll as is my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Finn Anderson.  So all of my Mother's family was eligible for tribal enrollment.
The Cherokees have been a very successful  tribe having oil and gas on their lands long before casinos came along.  When they moved into casinos it was decided to not give the money from this venture directly back to tribal members as some tribes have done but rather to invest it in health services (hospitals and clinics), education (scholarships and schools) infrastructure (roads, sewers, water and electricity) and housing ( rehabilitating some houses, building new ones for the poor and elderly).
My sisters live in Oklahoma and receive free medical care, monthly commodities, help with utiility payments and in the case of my younger sister a brand new 3 bedroom home.
From the magazine I learned of other ventures the tribe is involved in, job assistance, substance abuse treatment centers and
donations to prevent domestic violence.
They're also bringing back bison to Oklahoma.

I'm rather proud to be a Cherokee.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Herb Garden

Mac planted some herbs for me in my laundry room window---basil, mint, sage, and some hen and chicks.  I have all of these out in the garden, but it's nice to have them a little closer so I can snip fresh bits off.
They were just in regular pots until I saw what Sue over at Our New Life in the Country had done with her herbs, she's planted them in pewter.  Well we've collected pewter for years so Mac went around the house and collected a few pieces and replanted the plants.  Don't they look great.

Monday, June 22, 2015


One of me favorite words, it so describes me.  I lollygag a lot.  Which means I waste time, fiddle about, flit from one thing to another, but hardly ever get anything done.
I looked the origin of the word up and it's wrapped in a bit of mystery.  It is believed to have shown up here in the States in the 1860's, I betting  here in the South.  I can remember my Mom saying it too, she meant it to be lazy.
I'm not lazy, just conserving my energy.  I did mow the lawn today, there's almost an acre of it.  Note to self, should have put on sun screen (Melisandre my dermatologist will get me) and I should have worn a mask, I'm wheezing now.
Time to exercise and then a bit more lollygagging.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my husband Mac.  Bless his heart he's out in the awful heat we're having watering all the plants.  If they depended on me they'd be dead.
I'm cooking him one of his favorite meals today lamb chops with roasted potatoes, a little heavy for the weather, but he loves lamb.
Miss Kitty and I found him a P.G.Wodehouse book he hadn't read and our daughter April sent him a load of food goodies from Japan.  We Skyped this morning so she got to watch him open the box.
Both of our Dads are gone now, but live on in our hearts and memories.