Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting Back to Normal

Glad to go, glad to come back, not glad to catch up on all the cleaning, but it had to be done.  Laundry done, bathrooms cleaned, rugs vacuumed, we're getting there.  Place aired out to get rid of the closed house odor.  Bless Mac for doing Miss Kitty's box.  And most of all enjoying the wonderful weather, just in the 70's with lows in the 50's, it's heaven.
Need to grocery shop, but that can wait till tomorrow.  Will make a chicken stew today and that will last for 2 days so I won't have to cook when we get back from the commissary.
Watched most of a movie last night, one we actually started on a Korean Airline flight in March.  It's Shin Godzilla, a new Godzilla movie and we're loving it.  Done with subtitles of course and it mocks the way everything in Japan has to be done in meetings, no one can make a decision.  Very funny. Why can't Hollywood make a decent Godzilla movie, oh that's right, they're too busy sexually harassing people.
Haven't enjoyed the baseball playoffs much, looks like it's going to be the Yankees and the Dodgers, 2 of the best teams money can buy----BORING.
Will post more about our trip tomorrow after I finish sorting photos.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Back from a week in Spain, in our favorite Spanish city Toledo.  So much good food, friendly people and great sites to see.  It was warm, but dry, what a change for us.

We had an apartment near the Cathedral and took pictures from the balcony.

And we ate way too much, but that's why we go to Spain, to enjoy the food.  There were windows full of Jamon Serrano--oh if we could have brought one of those home with us--bocadillos  by the score,  plates of chorizo, pans of eggs, chips and ham, tortillas, lamb chops and steaks and oh so much more.  The first thing we did when we hit the streets was buy a medio kilo of Manchengo cheese and olives.  It was a wonderful week.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Heading to the Finish Line

The desks are in place and stuff being put back on them.  The shelf on my desk doesn't really go with it, but I need it, so we're going to stain it to match.  There's a drawer in front for the keyboard, but neither of us like it so we'll use it for other things.
When Mac got the first one done we worried that we wouldn't be able to fit both of them in, but it wasn't a problem.  They're the same height as our old ones, but they look and feel taller.
I finished Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and his son Owen and all I could say was that it was OK, I gave it 3 stars.  Good premise, all the women in the world fall asleep and the aftermath.  I know you suspend disbelief when you read books like this but I found it just too implausible.
Laundry done, bread being made, packing started, glad the latest hurricane is going to miss us, sorry for the folks who are impacted.
Had just enough thread to finish the color I was working on the cross-stitch, had a piece about 4 inches long left.
Too hot here, woke up to 82º and expecting highs in the upper 80's.  They're saying 2 days in the 90's this week.  Oh Autumn, where are you?

My Desk

Mac's Desk

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Almost There

My desk is done and it looks great, but Mac says no photos till his is done.  I need to start putting stuff in it and on it so it will be nice and messy just like the last one.  We moved my old desk down the stairs and into the garage which now has a couch and a desk in it.  Looks like someone has moved in there.  Mac's old desk was in such bad shape he just took it apart.
I'm sitting here now listening to the whine of his drill as he puts his drawers together..  I'm amazed at his patience.
We started watching the British version of The Office and though we like Martin Freeman and Mackenzie Crook (absolutely loved The Detectorists,  and we're thrilled that there is going to be a 3rd season and Acorn will stream it here early in 2018), we just couldn't get into it.  Oh well.
Watched a really silly Bruce Willis, John Goodman movie Once Upon A Time in Venice.
 The critics hated it, people who watched it liked it.  We're Bruce Willis fans and we enjoyed it.  Wouldn't recommend unless you're in the mood for a silly movie.

Next up is Their Finest will Gemma Atherton and Bill Nighy, we usually like his movies a lot.
I'm running out of a colored thread on my cross-stitch and I'm hoping to eke it out and finish the parts that call for it.  Mac says he'll take me shopping for thread to match, but we'd have to go to A.C. Moore in Savannah and I feel too lazy to do it.  So here's hoping.
Chik-fil-A  style sandwiches for lunch today.  A bit warm today and that's about all I'm willing to fix.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday in the Swamp

I washed clothes and hung them outside yesterday so of course it rained.  Had to finish them up in the dryer.  Today I folded the sheets or rolled them into a bundle depending on how you look at them.
Can't talk about Las Vegas, too sad, too scary.  I miss the country I grew up in.
RIP Tom Petty, I was a long time fan.  Still love or perhaps am disturbed by his Alice in Wonderland video for Don't Come Around Here No More. Tried to copy the video, but couldn't, but it's on youtube if you want to see it.
About half way through Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and his son.  I like it, but I don't love it.  It's more gory than scary.
Made Bean and Bacon Soup yesterday, so much better than the canned version and WAY less sodium.
And because we were on a bacon binge we also had BLTs for lunch.
Today we'll be good and have fish.
Some new videos coming in from Netflix, seeing as baseball season is over I'm changed our account to get more videos.  I've ordered the British version of The Office.  There was an American version, but I thought I'd try the British one instead. They always have such good character actors.
Mac has the first desk put together and has started on the second.  They're bigger than I expected, but we'll make them fit.  Watching all the work he's put into them I'm not surprised stores charge so much more for furniture that's already assembled.
Today was spent doing housework, I've promised myself not to do it again for awhile.
It has actually cooled off a bit here, temperatures only in the lower 80's.  The weather forecaster said we had 17 days in September that reached 90º or above, so we're due for a cool down.
Off to cross-stitch till I'm cross-eyed.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Scattered Thoughts on a Friday

I ran out of my favorite herb this week, fresh garlic, and then I found out it's not technically an herb it's a veggie being a member of the onion family.  It's scientific name is Allium sativum.  I know I can use garlic salt, which I always have, but certain dishes just cry out for fresh garlic.  I was making Chicken Cacciatore and I had to use the saddest old garlic cloves you've ever seen.  It turned out alright, but not truly up to my standard.  We've tried growing them here, but no success.
I bought a couple of little pies, they were on sale 2 for 1, instead of a birthday cake.  We got a blueberry and a peach.  They were good, just long on crust and short on fruit.  I guess when it finally cools down here--it was 96º yesterday and will be 90º today-- I'm going to have to break down and make a fruit pie.  I've made pumpkin pie, but that's about it.
A book I pre-ordered came in just before my birthday, Sleeping Beauties by Stephan King and his son Owen.  It's 720 pages so I may be reading it for awhile.  He's the one author who actually scares me.
We ordered a couple of new desks, nothing very fancy, but even cheap ones aren't cheap.  Mac has started putting the first one together. Our old ones are so old and I can't even remember when we got them.  But I do know they came to Georgia with us and we've been here 14 years.
An actual, honest to God, cold front is supposed to come through here tonight and tomorrow's temperature should be in the low 80's and Sunday's in the low 70's, I'm excited.
Starting to get ready for a trip, I never post about leaving, why advertise.  But as always I know the word for snail, caracol, so that I don't accidentally order it on the menu.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Happy Birthday Indeed

It's my birthday, the 35th anniversary of one of my earlier birthdays, we won't say which one.  We went to Savannah to celebrate yesterday. it was  hot, 94º, but expected  to be even hotter today.  And it was indeed hot, even on the river, but our restaurant, The Cotton Exchange, was cool and dark.  We swore we'd have something different, but we lied!  Had calamari for a starter and it came with the greatest dip, some sort of pepper jelly.  Forgot to take a picture till they were almost gone.  Then Mac had a Low Country Boil and I had a Shrimp Salad.  The portions were so huge we brought about half home.

I'd opened my presents from our daughter on Monday when we Skyped with her, she gave me a beautiful wooden box stuffed with goodies including chocolate.
This morning started with flowers on my nightstand from Mac, a set of 4 ceramic pumpkins and a little birdhouse.

But every girl needs some bling in her life and I've been wanting a chandelier for my closet, so Mac spent Tuesday installing one for me.  It's so pretty, I just need to find a clear, tear-shaped lightbulb for it.
What a wonderful, thoughtful family I have.