Sunday, October 19, 2014


Recently Amazon posted a bunch of Tweets that people had posted about Amazon Prime.  I tweeted that Amazon Prime was invented so my cat would always have a box to lay on.  What did cats lay on before boxes?
Then I saw this great picture on Pinterest, this could well be my cat!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Friday Thoughts

•  Both the Wild Card teams are going to the World Series, that's fun, but of course we'll be rooting for San Francisco 'cause we're originally from the San Francisco Bay Area----Go Giants!

•  Trying to send money in a foreign currency to a foreign country is a complicated job thanks to 9/11, you'd think we were trying to fund something weird instead of paying for a cottage

•  Our cat's on indoor restriction, she's becoming way too comfortable with hanging out with squirrels

•  We've finally gotten around to watching The Big Bang Theory from the beginning and it's great and  no, I'm not identifying with Sheldon, even I'm not that weird

•  For some reason the song "The End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine" by REM is  stuck in my head  and no I'm not thinking about ebola

•  I have a Christmas project started upstairs, but it's sitting next to a puzzle and the puzzle keeps sucking me in, saying, "Come on, just one more piece"

•  Tomorrow our area is having a garage sale, we're not participating and I'm hoping shoppers don't show up at dawn hoping to buy some junk, I mean gem to haul home with them

•  I need to go find some pipe cleaners 'cause Mac needs to put spiders on our spider web

Have a great week end.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Scary Thought

Really had trouble getting to sleep last night.  Hate that, not just because I want to sleep, but because I always worry that I'm keeping Mac awake.  When I can't sleep I get the "rolly pollies" and I can't lay still.
Last night Mac asked me if I was channeling Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and was thinking about sneaking out to clean something.  Channeling Sheldon would truly be a scary thought.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Just Reward

Beautiful day today after the thunderstorms of last night, blue sky with fluffy "Simpson" clouds.  It was an errand day, so the horses were hitched up and we headed into town.  First stop was the bank where we worked out how to send £ sterling to the UK, very complicated since 9/11 'cause the government wants to know exactly who's getting the money.
Then popcorn shopping, I'm afraid we're addicts and go through a ton of the stuff, but fairly low calorie and no butter.
Then to Ace, you know, the place with the helpful hardware folks.  It's the nearest thing we have to an old fashioned general store, ours even sells Avon.  I needed white paint to do baseboards, I fear I have cleaned the paint off of many of ours and now I need to start painting them, again.
When we finished at Ace I suggested to Mac that we needed a reward so off to Plum's we went to have a banana split. Oh we were good because they were offering 2 splits for the price of one, but we just had one, with 2 spoons of course.  Banana splits are kind of special to us, we use to go out to have one WAY back when we were dating.  We went to an old fashioned looking ice cream parlor called Lois's that unfortunately no longer exists.  So having a split makes us feel like teenagers again, plus or minus a few wrinkles and grey hairs.
Then it was off to the grocery store to pick up a few things and 2 ENORMOUS pumpkins.
A really nice day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Long and the Short of It

Do you like long books, short books, short stories, series, novellas, what?  My own preference is for long books.  I'm currently reading The Last Lion by William Manchester, his biography of Winston Churchill and it runs 992 pages.  Even better it's the first of of a trilogy.  I love to read series.  If I like a book I hate it to end.  Of course I hate waiting for the next in a series to come out---do you hear me George R. R. Martin, don't do a Robert Jordan and die on me before you finish The Game of Thrones.
Some short books are fun Ella, Minnow, Pea (Mark Dunn) at  pages 208 pages  and The Uncommon Reader (Alan Bennett) at 120 pages and I will read them after reading a long book, but they're never my first choice.  I'll probably read Troll's Eye View: A Book of Villain Tales (edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling) at 208 pages before tackling the next in the Churchill biography.
And then I need to get going again on the long series I'm reading by S.M. Stirling, the Change series has 11 books in it so far and I'm on number 7, The High King of Montival.  Not great literature, but fun.
So what's your preference?

Jane Austen
“but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short.” 
 Jane Austen

Monday, October 13, 2014


Isabel on the left
We received a post card recently  from one of our favorite people, Mac's cousin, or technically his 2nd cousin Isabel.  She's been traveling again, this time taking a transcontinental train across Canada, by herself.  Did I mention that she is in her 80's?  She's always been a traveler, when her Mother, Mac's Great Aunt (and she was still traveling in her 90's) was alive they travelled everywhere: across Russia on a train, the length of Africa on a train, cruises to the Middle East and Japan.  On her own she's been to China, Cambodia,Vietnam, Antarctica (more than once), all over Europe, Australia.
Any time I mention some place I'd love to visit, Petra in Jordan for example, she'll say, "Go, you'll love it, I've visited it several times."
Last year she told us about going to the airport in San Francisco to catch a flight to Vietnam where she was to join a tour, but her flight was canceled, but the airline folks told her to stay and they'd try and find her another flight.  They did, it involved flying to Beijing, changing to a plane going to Shanghai and then on to Hanoi in Vietnam.  She said she sat there for a minute, asked the Lord (she's very religious) if he thought it was a good idea and He told her to go for it, so she did and had a wonderful time.
She is elegant, lovely and a joy to be around. Her handwriting is so gorgeous, I'm jealous and embarrassed when I send her a card because my writing is so messy.
 I hope to be half as nice and as well traveled
 when I get to be her age.
Look at that handwriting!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Nice Surprise

Went out shopping today and had a nice surprise, gasoline has dropped to $2.98 a gallon.  That's less than a pound of hamburger meat.  In the 3+ years I've had my car I've only put a bit over 8,000 miles on it, which works out to about 2700 miles a year, so I don't use a lot of gas, but it's nice to see it getting so low---lol---I didn't think I'd ever have thought that $2.98 was cheap for gas.  When I was a teenager and first became aware of gas prices  it was about 19¢ a gallon and coincidentally hamburger was about the same price and now it's $3.82 a pound.