Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Mad as Hell

I'm so mad I could spit!  I received a bill  from my propane gas company  today, they're billing me $49.96 because I have not used enough propane!  So I'm being billed for conserving  natural resources .  We have an all electric house so we've learned to be careful with our utilities.  The propane is strictly for 2 of our fireplaces and the stove I cook on.  So we don't use a lot of it, we fill our tank about twice a year.  But that's not good enough for Ferrell Gas, they want more or I have to pay them for not consuming enough.  
We've been their customer since 2003 and for various and assorted reasons have hated them the whole time, check the web for I Hate Ferrell Gas sites to get and idea of what they do, but we went with them originally because they were the only ones who could get a gas tank out to us in less than a month.  We've regretted the decision ever since.  But this takes the cake.  According to the gentleman I spoke to today they changed their policy on tank rental and delivery in 2005 and sent copies of it out to us at least 2 times, and because we haven't received a copy they're now going to mail me one, and he told me I could read it at their website, which I did, and I'm absolutely sure I never agreed to these terms.  So we're looking for a new propane company, but first we have to use up what's left in our tank.

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