Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, I Mean Visit

Yes the President is in town today.  Not to visit me of course, or anyone like me it seems.  He's visiting several African-American schools and colleges, a program for disadvantaged youths and meeting with the Mayor, who is also  African-American,  and then leaving.
Supposedly one of the reasons for the visit is to show his concern for jobs, but he hasn't time to meet with any of the local small business owners or indeed any business owners.  So last Friday the Mayor, Otis Johnson,  was sent notice from the White House for him, the Mayor, to meet with the local business owners and to compile a list of their thoughts on how to get the economy going and for him to then share the list when he meets with the President.
I'm not impressed.  More and more I'm concerned with how we have elected a man with so little experience in government that he thinks that photo opportunities and teleprompter speeches are all we need to solve our problems.
I hold the media responsible, in a large part, for his election and gain a bit of pleasure each time I hear that newspapers are losing readership and network news its viewers.  They've earned the right to fail.  Unfortunately if this President fails we'll all pay the price.

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  1. I am right there with you, Janet! I said all along that my vote for McCain was actually a vote against the media who elected Obama before we even had a chance! It seems that the only experience he needed was the color of his skin. Shameful....there are many black men who would do ten times the job, where were they when this guy was running?


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