Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Through a Golden Haze

Yesterday afternoon found me in the family room  stretched out on the couch with a book in my hand, not an unusual position for me, when I looked across the room and saw what looked liked a layer of dust covering the floor.  This didn't surprise me too much because Senor Swiffer and I only meet up about once a week and frequently the dusty floors get ahead of me.  But as I looked closer I realized it wasn't dust, but rather pollen that had blown in through the open window.  The floor was covered as was the tv, several stuffed bears and everything else about window height.  So I cleaned the window, the window sill, the blinds, the floor, the tv, and everything else that appeared to be golden instead of their regular color.
Watching the news last night an Allergist was talking about allergy season, we hit more than
 5,000 parts  per cubic meter yesterday, and he said that all the "gold" we're seeing is from the pine trees, but that's not the pollen that's driving us crazy for its pollen grains are much too big, but rather it's the oak trees that are the problem.  
Regardless of what's causing it, my house is covered in golden dust and my sinus's are full of something!
These pictures were taken out in our yard, the first, at the top,  is an oak tree looking very innocent, the next, in the middle, is a pine tree also looking innocent, and the last is what the pine tree is really up to.

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