Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Appliance Wars

My stove and dishwasher are doing battle to see which will be the first to be thrown down the kitchen stairs--that's where all offending appliances and tools get thrown when they've been replaced.  They're both part of the Fridgedare Gallery line of appliances and I've been less than thrilled with them and their end is near.  They haven't died, but I'm going to do them in.
The stove is impossible to keep clean, the burners have never fit right, the knobs turn the stove on if you brush up against them ---and being on the front of the stove you brush up against them all the time, and the stainless steel no longer polishes up.
The door on the dishwasher won't stay shut unless you click for the wash cycle and the other night I opened it to empty it, pulled out the top shelf, picked up a couple of glasses and the bottom shelf rolled out, I thought it would stop at the end but it didn't, it rolled right on out, and because my hands were full it flipped itself over and threw the dishes on the floor.  I have a stone tile floor so it  broke two glasses, one plate and a bowl.  It too is having problems with its stainless steel finish and it has a slight leak at the bottom.
So I'm in a quandary, they're both going to go, but in which order?  The stove is more dangerous, but as spring moves towards summer I cook less, eat more salads and bar-b-que, and so it doesn't get touched as much.
The dishwasher gets used every day and I'm beginning to really hate it.
So we'll see.

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