Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday Night With Elvis

You may think the King is dead, but he's not, he plays lead guitar with a country band that performs regularly here in the Savannah area.  Though not born in Tupelo, Mississippi like the original, but rather in  Holland where he learned to play guitar and love the King, he's decided that Elvis is a name that fits him better than the one he was born with. 
We sat with Elvis Friday night  for about a half an hour before the band started playing, always fun talking with him.  Talked a little trash about other bands, how he wanted a new Les Paul guitar and how a certain band member was getting above himself, but he used a Dutch expression to describe this.  He said the guy was getting ahead of his shoes, what a great expression, knew exactly what he meant.
Elvis says his ex-wife (not Priscilla) always asks about us and might be coming next week. She's a nice lady so we hope to see her.   You gotta admire a guy who stays on good terms with an ex-wife

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