Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'll Be Dam(n)ed or Leave It To Beaver

Several weeks ago Mac spotted a beaver cavorting around in the lagoon out back and tried to get some pictures of him, but all he  got were the splashes.  But then this week he found signs that the beaver had been visiting our yard, and they weren't good signs.  He has gnawed down 3 or 4 trees and tried to drag them off but they caught in the bushes.  Mac, nature lover though he is, was mad as h**l and has covered the entire area where he'd been gnawing, with  mothballs and sprayed all the trees and bushes with deer repellant (they ate all my Hostas last year) and is setting up a motion camera to see what happens.
I like beavers, think they're such industrious little critters, but I hope he sets up shop elsewhere. That will be safer for him and better for Mac's blood pressure.

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