Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ima Needs

It's time for Ima to do a rant!

Ima needs her allergies to let up so her pleurisy will get better, she  needs to be able to take a deep breath without passing out.

Ima needs GM to go straight to hell without passing Go and without collecting any more money.  She's less than thrilled they paid back TARP money, spent millions to brag about it on tv yet feels no urge to pay its bond holders who are stuck in limbo thanks to the deal they worked out with the government.

Ima needs the government to  remember that the economy is job one, not climate change, not Goldman-Sachs, not amnesty for illegal aliens or statehood for Puerto Rico.

Ima needs this country to remember that what makes us strong is not the government babysitting us but us being enterprising enough to take care of ourselves.

And most of all Ima needs folks to lighten up and get or regain a sense of humor, for she is not amused by most of the c**p going on.

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