Saturday, April 24, 2010


I love pillows but seldomly buy  them preferring to make my own.  So noticing that many of mine were  starting to look tired I decided that it was time for some new ones.  Getting material locally has become a little more difficult as the only fabric store in town has moved away and Walmart has stopped carrying fabric at our local store.  The nearest fabric store was over in Savannah down Abercorn Street which is more a line of traffic lights than it is a street so I started pondering alternatives and decided to look on line, I buy nearly everything else there so why not fabric.  Using good old Google I found and they're prices were more than reasonable and they offered free shipping if you bought enough material, so of course I did.  Then I ordered a new pillow book from Amazon and it arrived this week.  Today my cat (of course you know Tabbies love to sew) and I cut out about a half dozen pillows.  When Mac hauls my sewing machine upstairs we'll be in business.

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