Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday on the River

For Christmas Mac's brother George and his wife Laura gave us what is called an Xperience Day, and ours was a boat ride down the Savannah River with lunch.  So we booked our trip for yesterday and hoped the weather would be good.  In fact it was glorious, in the upper 80's and sunny.
The boat left from the landing on River Street and went up the river, with  narration and then
 down the river, all the while they fed us a quite tasty Southern lunch.  It included 
bbqed ribs, fried chicken, pork loin,
 stewed greens, a mash of squash, rice, mixed salad and dinner rolls.  Dessert included peach cobbler, individual berry cobblers, pecan pie, banana pudding and fresh melon.  And all the sweet tea you could drink.

  We ate inside 
and then went topside to enjoy the view.

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