Thursday, April 8, 2010

Springtime at Our Place

Georgia is always pretty, but springtime is the prettiest time of all.  The wisteria is blooming, the azaleas are incredible, and if you're lucky enough to have a dogwood (we've killed 3 and I won't plant anymore) it's now covered in flowers.  All the trees that flower are flowering, don't ask me what kind I really don't know--I go by the old song Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, so all pink trees are cherry trees and all white ones are apples, with the exception of dogwood which I recognize. And that's  pretty damn impossible because apple trees won't grow here it gets too hot and not cold enough in the winter.  Our  lemon tree and orange tree are blooming too, and if there is a sweeter smell than an orange tree in blossom I don't know what it is, it's even sweeter than the wisteria.
As I've said before I want to live somewhere that the seasons have a scent to them.  Prior to moving here we were in Southern California in a semi-arid region (think desert) and the only smell was of the Michelin tires in the air.  Though we lived near the grapefruit groves, hundreds of acres of them, and they did smell sweet in the spring.  
So I know I'm living exactly where I want to be.

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