Thursday, April 15, 2010

St.Simon's Island Yesterday

We did go to St. Simon's Island yesterday and fell in love!  It was a beautiful day, in the upper 70's, and it was a beautiful place.  It's about 70 miles from us, not in a straight line, it's about 10 miles to the Interstate from our house, then about 47 miles south on that and then about 15 miles back out to the coast, but well worth the drive.  It wasn't as built up at Hilton Head but rather it was full of streets lined with Live Oaks with Spanish Moss hanging from them.I'd Googled the beaches there before we went so we'd find one with parking, and we chose to park at Massengale park which is at the south end 
of East Beach, a mile or 2 of beautiful white sand.

We did our daily walk there trying to find some shells, and  there were virtually none, but Mac did find numerous sand dollars, unfortunate or fortunately for them, they were all s
till alive so we returned them to the sand.  Also so a number of washed up jelly fish, these can become a problem on Georgia beaches later in the year.
After the beach we went over to the lighthouse where I did a water color painting while Mac did some surf fishing.  He caught a rather large Horseshoe crab, he didn't have the camera with him, I had it, and so no picture.  He also caught one fish, he called it a croaker, some of the locals call it whiting. 
Had a little trouble finding a place to eat, most places didn't open till 5, but
 finally found the BeachComber BBQ Gr
ill where Mac had lovely BBQ'd ribs and I had the first decent hamburger I've had in years.  Mac also had a cup of Brunswick Stew, he said it wasn't the best he'd ever had but it was tasty and definitely not out of a can.

We were exhausted when we got home but can't wait to go
 back, so much more to see and do there.

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