Saturday, April 3, 2010

Twas The Day Before Easter

Warm spring day though a bit hazy as I get ready for Easter.  No kids at home, our only daughter lives in Maryland and I sent her Easter goodies last week.  No grandkids, just grandcats, but I dyed Easter eggs anyway, I always do.
Worked some in the yard today, still raking up pine straw and pine cones in the back yard.  

Everything is starting to bloom, the Wisteria on the garden fence is fragrant and full of the buzz of bees.  My Spanish Bluebells have started budding out but they look nothing like the English Bluebells I love, but the English ones won't grow here.
  My snowball plant that I planted 4 
years ago and up till now had only produced one snowball is covered in blooms, I'm thrilled, when they open up completely I'll take a picture.  Tulips are usually only good for one year here because it doesn't get cold enough in the winter for them, 
but I guess some good is coming out of the awful winter we had because the tulips I thought I'd dug up have come up and they're blooming!
One of the Japanese Iris's is blooming, a very colorful gold and purple.

The Azaleas are in bloom, every color from white, to pale pink, pink and fuschia .

We're going to grill hot dogs this afternoon and take a long nap because we were out way too late dancing last night.

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