Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perhaps It Wasn't a Poltergeist After All

From time to time since we moved into this house I've complained that I thought there was a poltergeist living upstairs.  China cups sitting on shelves would be knocked off, doors moved, things left on tables were found on the floor.  Miss Kitty swore it wasn't her and though she can be an enterprising feline she really doesn't act like a disturbed adolesence--isn't that supposed to be what causes poltergeist activity?
Well the other night sitting upstairs watching tv I saw something scurry across the hall rug running towards my craft room, reversing course and heading towards the bathroom.  Mac checked it out, couldn't find anything, but we were pretty sure it was a mouse.
There is a door in the bathroom that leads to some attic space and Mac puts his paintings in there to dry when he's working on them, it's nice and warm there.
When he went to pick up his painting the next morning guess what he found on it----teeny, tiny mouse tracks.  So a humane mouse trap was acquired. peanut butter gotten today and the trap is set.
I read some where that mice are rather territorial and will travel up to a mile to return to their home, so Mac says once we get him we'll drive him down to the park and let him go.
What does Miss Kitty think of all this?  During the 2 sightings we've had of the mouse she lay in the tv room sleeping, definitely not a mouser.


  1. This post brings back so many memories of catching mice in friendly traps in our previous house, and my husband driving miles in the car with the mouse in the trap to release it at least one mile, sometimes two, from where we had caught it! Happy days!

  2. Good luck, and let us hope there is only one. We use a humane trap too - called the Mice Cube.


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