Friday, May 3, 2013

We Went Out Last Night

For the first time in forever we went out last night and did a little dancing.  When we first moved here we were going out 3 and 4 nights a week, but we've definitely slowed down.  Too much traffic, too many folks  texting while they drive, not as much energy and the cat complains when we leave her alone at night.
But last night some friends were playing at a local Tapas Bar (not that the people running it have a clue as to what tapas are) and because it was so close to home we decided to go see them.
The food was ok, we had calamari, shrimp and lobster ravioli.  In Spanish tapas bars these would have been small plates just right for sharing.  These were huge and mostly came home with us.
The music was great, the guys playing actually have a full-sized band, but also play as a duo, calling themselves The Twinz, as unlikely a set of twins as you'll ever see.  They played such a variety of music:  Sweet Melissa (originally by the Allman Brothers Band and a real favorite of ours), Jet ( a Paul McCartney song), Guitar Man (Bread), a song by Lady Antebellum, It Don't Come Easy (Ringo Starr), Domino (Van Morrison), Smooth (Santana)
It was definitely a trip down memory lane.  Seeing as our knees are not complaining too much, just a squeak here and there, I guess we'll have to do it again before our joints lock up like the Tin Man's.


  1. I'm amazed by tapas so large that you end up taking most of them home!
    Glad to hear you don't need a can of oil to get the joints moving after your night on the tiles. Move it or lose it (with reference to your 'use it or lose it' languages post!)

  2. Gosh, do you and Mac look like that when you're dancing? Talk about Fred and Ginger!
    Would love to meet up with you when we're in Savannah, do you have any Civil War sites within reach? J will hate it it but will put up with it in return for me going to New Orleans with her:) Have a feeling that Mac is interested in the Civil War?

  3. No we don't look like Fred and Ginger, we're a bit more free-style.
    Little in the way of Civil War sites near Savannah, more Revolutionary War. General Sherman marched from Atlanta burning everything, including Atlanta, in his path, but sparing Savannah.
    Some say an old love lived here and that's why he spared Savannah.
    The fort near us, Ft. McAllister, is where Northern ships sunk a Confederate ship, the CSS Nashville.
    Mac was never a Civil War buff, more into WWI and II.
    It would be great meeting in person.
    You'll love New Orleans, beautiful city, we always stay in the Garden District when we go there and ride the old street cars.


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