Sunday, June 2, 2013

Walking in the Rain

Rain wasn't really in the forecast for today, but that's what we woke up to this morning.  We waited a while and it wasn't raining when we started out on our walk, but before we reached the end of the block I had my umbrella open.  At first the sprinkles felt cool, it's been so muggy here, so at first we just let it fall on us.  Soon though it was time to open the umbrella,  I'd rather   call it an UPrella, but spell check won't let me.
We had hopes of cooling off in the light shower, but alas that was not to be.  What the rain produced was steam, it was like walking in a sauna  and that's what it's like out there now a steamy jungle.  Good thing we got the air conditioner fixed.


  1. Oh, that sounds really uncomfortable - hot and damp. I'd need a/c too. But that's a pretty picture you have to illustrate your post! I think things often look nicer in the rain, the colours stand out more.

  2. Is that your garden? It looks so pretty.

  3. It is our backyard and it's pretty, but pretty jungly (is there such a word?) too.

  4. Oh, I am with you on that heat on Sunday. I was doing some planting and I didn't think it was THAT hot, but with the humidity, oh dear, I think I almost melted!!
    And it must even be hotter along the coast where you are!


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