Friday, June 21, 2013

Mac decided we needed a mid-day snack yesterday, so he sliced up fresh strawberries, got out the whipped cream and made screwdrivers to drink.  In the mid-day heat it was a cool treat.
Not much blogging since we came home, we both came down with bronchitis (brought on by allergies I'm sure) and had to visit the doctor, that left us with no energy, zero, nada.
So I've just sort of piddled around, a little crocheting, a little reading ( some very bad books by authors I use to like), a little housework and just being lazy trying to get some energy back.
Yesterday was the first day I've felt half-way decent and today is even better.  It's been raining each day too, making for muggy afternoons and evenings.  The weather reminds me of the first year we were here, hot, but not miserable, just very humid, and rain nearly every day. We swam in the rain yesterday, it was swim in it or not swim at all.
Here's the painting I did in the Grand Tetons.  It's small and we'll probably have to have a custom frame for it.
Mt.Moran at Lake Jackson


  1. Goodness, you're both very talented. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  2. I'm glad you are both on the mend and feeling cheerful despite being so tired. Your painting is just lovely!


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