Friday, August 8, 2014

Wild Kingdom

Alligator with Turtles
The alligator has been hanging around out back.  Mac feeds the turtles and he (the alligator not Mac) came by to see if he could get a bite too.  Not going to happen, it's against state and federal law to feed an alligator.  They get use to a human feeding them and then if they don't get it they get nasty.
On the lighter side, these butterflies have been enjoying the lantana out front.

Fritillary Butterfly

Zebra Longwing

Native to South and Central America
Can be found in the panhandle of Florida
and Northern Texas
And in summer we find them here in Georgia

Red Spotted Purple

Tiger Swallowtail


  1. Feeding an alligator? I wouldn't be so crazy!

  2. Gosh, i don't think I've met an alligator before except when i see a play about Wendy and Peter, How wonderful about the butterflies, they are a dying species all of them over here and I have to remember to plant some of those swan plants to attract them.

  3. Alligator...I don't think so!!

    The collection of butterflies is magnificent.

  4. Gorgeous butterflies, the alligator I don't like so much!

  5. For some reason the Jaws theme is playing in my head....

    Gorgeous butterflies! I don't see that many varieties here - though I did catch a photo of a swallowtail this afternoon that looks just like yours. :)

  6. Sue, Every time I see him the Beatle song Come Together goes through my mind:
    Here comes old flat top he come groovin' up slowly,
    He got joo joo eyeballs

  7. How wonderful to have so much wildlife just outside your door. I loved the peeks at all the critters.

  8. I think that I would stick to admiring the butterflies and let the turtles and alligator do their own thing. I am not very brave! xx

  9. Wonderful pictures. I even love the alligator. I think I would keep him fed so that he didnt eat my poodles but I see the point. It would also be expensive to keep him happy and he would get very big. I would not worry so much about him as snakes. I can deal with the critters, not bugs and snakes and spiders. Love Savannah. I was there only once when my son was in the Marine Corps.

  10. I like your quote today. I have always wanted to see him speak


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