Monday, August 4, 2014

In A Blur

That's how this last week went, in a blur.  Housework, grocery shopping, sick cat, huge vet bill, the usual.  Cat's getting better, hairball that wouldn't pass made him stop eating, got dehydrated, had "fun" at the vets and is now  lounging around saying "Who me?"
Weather has been awful,  beyond high humidity, morning walk like a morning swim, bits of rain all the time.  Thunder and lightning all night on Friday.  Oh autumn where are you when I need you?
My poor brother-in-law was supposed to have a procedure done on his foot this morning (he has a horrible case of plantar fasciitis and has already had surgery done on it and after more than a year he still can't walk), they had him prepped, the IV was in, when they discovered they were missing a piece of equipment needed for the procedure, so all has been postponed till tomorrow afternoon.  My brother-in-law is not a happy camper, I'd be raving!
Watched a wonderful little movie this week, "The Grand Budapest Hotel".  Hard to describe, typical Wes Anderson film, beautifully photographed.  Ralph Fiennes plays M. Gustave, the concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel and his friendship with Zero Moustafa his lobby boy, but oh it's so much more than that!  One reviewer compared it to a Marx Brothers film and I could certainly see the comparision.
At one point Fiennes views an old  lady in a casket and says, "You're looking so well darling, you really are, they've done a marvelous job, I don't know what sort of cream they've put on you down at the morgue but....I want some!"
Loads of cameos and bit parts, it was fun identifying people:  Jude Law, F. Murray Abraham, Harvey Keitel, Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, William Defoe, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldbloom.

Been reading a lot too, of course.

Snobs by Julian Fellowes written before Downton Abbey.  Funny/sad little book about the English upper classes and how everyone sneers at them and yet wants to be one of them.

Sunstroke by Jesse Kellerman about a woman who is obsessed with her boss and when he goes missing in Mexico she has to find how what has happened to him.  This is not chick lit, quite a good story.

Love and Country      by Christina Adam  A story set in the modern west, she's divorced and has a teenage son and they're both learning about growing up.  Really strong story.

Currently I'm reading One Summer America 1927 by Bill Bryson  It was quite a year, Lindberg's flight, Babe Ruth, Mississippi River flood, politics, pole sitting, prohibition, gangsters.  Always enjoy his books.


  1. Some weeks are like that - lots of domestic issues and I'm sure the humidity doesn't help you. Your reading material sounds interesting and will make note of the movie.

  2. What a week of it you've had, what with the humidity, your poor cat and your brother in law. I can't believe they'd got so far before realising they didn't have all the equipment needed. I hope it all goes well for him today.

  3. I've been wondering about watching that film. Now you've encouraged me!

  4. Snap! We were on holiday in the UK at the seaside a few weeks ago (not written about it yet) and they had The Grand Budapest Hotel on dvd. I loved it, husband not so keen.
    Have just finished the Bill Bryson book - have read all of his, I think, and this one is a cracker. It was Bill Bryson who inspired me to start writing about travel and putting a humorous spin on it.


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