Saturday, March 28, 2015


I finished my jute basket and it looks ok, but I find it a bit floppy.  I probably should have crocheted with a double strand of jute though the directions didn't call for it.  And Lord knows that one strand was rough enough on my hands. Mac said to put a bowl in it and that definitely helps with the stability.  Then I put in a bag of Easter eggs.  The chick says that's fine.
The corners of my entryway are ready for Easter.  Now if I can find some lamb for sale that doesn't involve us having to mortgage the house to buy.


  1. Almost ready, and in the nick of time.

  2. Your basket is lovely but I can imagine how rough working with jute is. Lamb is very expensive over here too, one of my favourite meats but we don't have it very often.

  3. Well done on the bowl! It is a great idea to put a glass bowl inside to support it and also you can then fill it with lovely things!!! xx


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