Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beautiful Day

Another beautiful day here, around 80º.  Did as little housework as I could get away with and went outside to work in the garden.  The Hyacinths are almost done, but loads of Gladiolas are coming up.
Mac's greenhouse was delivered today, he and a friend will put it together.  When he ordered it it was 40º and today it was 80º, can't win can you.
Mac has planted about 60 potatoes, hope they do well, they're a mixed load, red and golden.
His Fava beans are blossoming and we're hopeful we'll have beans soon.
We got the lawnmower out today and hoped to do the front yard, but it got stuck in the mud and neither of us felt up to pushing it out.  Mac has a cracked rib and my excuse is that I'm a little old lady.
Miss Kitty sat in the garden with us and was so watchful, I would love to know what she's thinking.
Tomorrow should be almost as good as today and then the rains was come, a chance of rain every day for a week.  I won't say we need it because with our lawn mower stuck in the mud it's obvious we have enough "wet" stuff to last us.
This is the new greenhouse, be glad when ours is put together


  1. Any day that is not winter is a good day.

  2. It sounds as though you have had a very productive day! I hope that you can get all you want to done before the rain comes! xx

  3. Nothing better than eating what you grow. Just made a pot of potato soup yesterday.

  4. So envious...
    I have always wanted to live somewhere that I could have a greenhouse.
    Got a giggle over the stuck in the mud lawnmower.

    cheers, parsnip


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