Saturday, March 14, 2015


We've had a couple of days of rain that have done no one any good.  The lawn mower is still stuck in the mud, Mac hasn't been able to get the greenhouse put up yet and it's muddy.
But I lied, it has done one good thing, it has washed the pollen out of the trees before I've had a chance to inhale it.  All the puddles are yellow, that's a good thing.
Today is PI Day, you know, good old 3.14, my favorite irrational number.  According to an article I read on the net, "Pi Day 2015 is set to take place – and this year it is of particular importance, with the numbers configuring with the year as well as the day and month, an event that happens but once a year."  Guess I'll have to go around measuring some circles to celebrate.
Yesterday I made a new pillow for my computer chair.  Mac had loaned me his pillow when my back was bothering me and he was making noises about wanting it back.  So I dug out some fabric and made a rather springy one.

I'm beginning to look a bit like a pinto pony so I need to get my hair colored, soon, like this afternoon or someone will be slapping a saddle on me.
Have a good weekend.


  1. A cheery pillow; Mac may trade back. The rain seems ubiquitous, yes. At least east of the Mississippi. Our mower probably will not be out of the barn before April, and late then.

  2. I like your patch work pillow. Very nice. and the crust on that pi....looks so good.

  3. I haven't thought of a favourite irrational number yet but Pi is a good candidate (I don't know many more!). The pie looks lovely. x

  4. A pinto pony, that's funny. Reminds me, I need to color my hair too!
    Love the Pi pie and the plump pillows, quite pleasing!


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