Sunday, March 29, 2015


There are some compensations for doing the laundry, though not many.  I'll grant you clean clothes, but I also have a nice window in the laundry room and even better, a great view out of the window.


  1. What a beautiful view you have. And all that lovely green.... Much of our snow left today and I am enjoying some brown for a change.

  2. What a wonderful laundry room you have. With a terrific view.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Lovely to be able to see those majestic trees and even beyond

  4. It's a lovely window letting in so much light - the view is good too:)

  5. Oh, you know, I would give A LOT for a laundry room with a window at all. And a view like that? Pricesless!@

  6. You do have a lovely view! I enjoy looking out of my utility room window in to the garden. It's when I watch the visiting birds, or notice changes in the garden.
    Leanne xx


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