Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday Sunshine/Sunday Rain

Beautiful day, sunny with some clouds, highs in the 70's, perfect.  Picked up some flowers, after I picked myself up off the ground after seeing how much plant prices have gone up, at Wally World yesterday.  I have quite a few perennials in my garden, but each year I had a few annuals for quick color.
Mac does the veggies and grows most of them from seeds, which have also gone way up in price.
I finally finished that pesky puzzle that's been driving me crazy and lo and behold it has a missing piece.  This is a brand new puzzle fresh out of the  box, I'm not pleased, a nasty email shall be sent off to Ravensburger Puzzles.
The greenhouse is part way up, but windy days and rainy days have definitely slowed the work down.
It was so bizarre.  I have a account where I work on my family history and last week I found a picture of my Dad's freshman (9th grade) class that someone had posted.  I don't know who posted it, no one else in my family has an Ancestry account.  Unless it's one of my cousins who I've only met once or twice because their Mother, my Uncle's 3rd wife, is too weird for words--I've heard through the family grapevine that some of them are on Ancestry too-- I'll have to do some research.
It was easy to spot my Dad without looking at the names.
Well that was Saturday, a different story for today, clouds and rain.  I was driven to do my ironing.  I don't do much ironing---pillowcases, dish towels and tablecloths--which is better than when I was younger and worked, back then our daughter would all but outgrown her clothes before I got them ironed, good thing my Mother-in-law would come to visit and catch up all my ironing.
Too wet to work in the yard, but Mac went around yesterday and took some flower photos.


Last of the Camelias

Japanese Jasmine

Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree, Also Known as Japanese Magnolia




  1. So nice to see what you have flowering right now. I hope that you sort the puzzle thing out! xx

  2. Your flowers are beautiful.
    As for the puzzle missing a piece how awful ! After all that work.
    Are you sure someone didn't walk off with it ?

    cheers, parsnip

  3. They better send you the piece and a free puzzle to boot!!

    Lovely flowers....that the Wisteria is outstanding.

  4. Thats annoying re the puzzle. Lovely flowers
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Revensburger are very good at sending you the piece if you give them the exact location.

  6. We started a wisteria once, on a trellis near the house. Someone mentioned they are capable of taking a house down if you don't keep after them. We took a look and it already was claiming the gutter. Beautiful flowers.

  7. That's a gorgeous puzzle. I'd never want to put it away. You got rain -- we got snow. Yuk.

  8. Your flowers are lovely especially the wisteria. We've been trying to
    nurture one for several years, but
    it hasn't flourished. A shame about finding there's a the missing piece for the jigsaw puzzle after you've worked to complete it. It's a pretty picture.


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