Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why Am I So Clumsy?

I am indeed exceedingly clumsy, always have been.  Not good with my hands or my feet.  I've always blamed it on my poor eye sight and I'm sure that's a factor.  But I've also wondered if it is because I should have been a lefty instead of a righty.
I wonder about this because I'm left-eyed.  The vision in my left eye is so much better than the right that my brain ignores the info from my right eye and only pays attention to the left.  There's vision in the right eye, if you cover up the left I can see with the right eye, just not as well as my left.
I wear contact lenses most of the time, though actually I should say I wear a contact lens, I only wear one on my right eye, weird uh?
Anyway, back to my original question, should I be a lefty?  It seems to me that if my vision is better on the left side it would make sense for me to use my left hand.  I do for somethings.  For instance, I can only thread my sewing machine using my left hand, can't do it at all with my right.
I've often thought that it was the having to look across my body to tell my right hand what to do that's part of the problem.  If I only had to look from left eye to left hand I might be better off.  Is it too late to learn to use my left hand?
As a footnote, my daughter is left-eyed, left handed and left footed and she' s nowhere near as clumsy as me.


  1. I think you are most likely correct, particularly as your daughter ia left handed. In the days when I was a child it was not fashionable to be left handed and I am pretty sure my mother insisted I used my right hand as a very small child. This was very common in those days.
    My son is totally left-orientated. I did my university studies before teaching and included an element on the subject - many children who are cross lateral are late readers and have difficulty.
    It is also true that these days many more people are left handed. A good way to check your eye dominance is to tear a small hole in a piece of paper and look at a distant object through both eyes and then gradually draw the paper towards your face. It will automatically go to your dominant eye.
    It is a subject which has always interested me greatly.

  2. I've never heard of any connection between vision and being right vs left handed. That said, I'm right handed and my right eye is somewhat better than the left, though ;) Because of problems with pains my right shoulder/arm since I've had to learn to do some things with the left hand though. I even learned to write with the left hand after my accident because I could hardly even write my name with the right hand.

  3. Sounds "Greek" to me, but I do understand wearing one contact lenses for years too. It was the to correct my nearsightedness, and also my reading eye.

    The amazing thing...over years my eyes improved. Now I wear glasses for driving at night, and the cheap drug store reading glasses for books and computer. I am right handed, and see better out of my right eye.

    I'm rather clumsy myself.

  4. It's all Chinese to me; I have never heard of such a proposition before.
    When things go wrong around here I blame the gremlins.

  5. I know people who are far better at doing some things with one hand that the other, say their left hand, when they write with their right, and vice versa. I have a tendency to stumble or fall if I stop thinking! xx

  6. I don't know the first thing about this subject, but my sister used to use her knife and fork as a left handed person would even though she was right handed.

  7. I use my knife and fork the wrong way round, I can dig or hoe with either hand on the handle and I am right handed. Both my eyes are short-sighted.
    Why not try just being left handed for a while and see how it goes.


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