Thursday, May 14, 2015

Five on Friday

I thought it might be fun to head down memory lane on this Five on Friday.  Below are some photos of me through the ages and I do mean ages.

The first was taken at Easter when we were living in Kansas City, Missouri, I would have been 3 or 4.

The next picture is also from when we were living in Kansas City.  I don't remember these times at all, but in this picture I would have been 5.  I'm on the right, that's my older sister J on the left.

The next picture is from when we we're living in Dell City, Oklahoma, that's just outside of Oklahoma City.  I would have been around 7.

The next picture was taken when we lived in Hayward, California, I would have been 11.

The next was taken when I was all dressed up for our graduation from Middle School (though it was called Junior High back then) Dance.

The last photo is me getting my diploma when I graduated from college.  I started in my 20's, but didn't finish until our daughter graduated.  She, Mac and I all graduated within a week of each other.
My college was Augusta College, part of the University of Georgia system.  We were living in Martinez, Georgia.

In nearly all of my photos I'm "smirking", I don't think I have ever learned how to relax when I'm having my picture taken.

Please join in with Amy at Love Made My Home and the others at Five on Friday


  1. I am not a fan of having my photo taken either. How amazing to have all graduated at the same time, a great achievement.

  2. Lovely photos and happy memories of all the different places you have lived over the years:)

  3. What great pictures. I'd be interested to know when your first memories kicked in.

  4. In answer to Lucille my first memories start to kick in when I was around 8 and we had moved back to California, I don't remember Oklahoma or Missouri at all.

  5. I love all the pictures, but the fifth one of you just before the dance is my favourite! Your greatest moment of them all is no doubt your graduation though I am sure! Sorry to be brief today, but thank you so much for joining in despite me being missing. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  6. What a lovely trip down memory lane! Have a lovely weekend. xx

  7. I do not mix well with photos, either. Interesting how all little girls back then had the same hat and purse for Easter.

  8. These are really lovely pictures! And a great wander down memory lane! Congratulation on finishing your diploma, I did the same. Have a lively weekend xx

  9. You might have always been smirking, but I was always squinting. It seems like I was always told to stand facing the sun.
    And we have to be very close in age. Those pictures are almost duplicates of ones I have of me at those ages.

  10. I always freeze when someone wants me to smile for the camera and get a stiff look on my face. Ugh.
    Fun to see the photos of you as your grew up, and I had to laugh at the bangs and curls. We all had them, mine from stinky home permanents!


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