Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm joining in with Amy at Love Made My Home and others for Five on Friday.  I'm a bit late, I know, but I had a doctor's appointment this morning to get the dressing on my nose changed.  They said it looked good.  Did I look at it?  No, 'cause what looks good to a doctor might not look so good to me (still having those Frankenstein visions).  They got rid of the big bandage, put some Vaseline on it and put a small bandaid (that's encouraging) and told me I could wash my hair now  (they'd told me not to in case I got the big bandage wet).
So I came home and worked out in the yard, we'd gotten more than 3 inches of rain Wednesday and the weeds have been growing like, well, weeds.  While I was doing that Mac took some pictures for me of all the critters that are visiting our bee trees.  I can't get too near them as I had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting and have to carry an Epi pen when I'm outside.

So first is a view of the trees, they're really outdoing themselves this year.  They're one plant that has really enjoyed all the rain.

Second is a close up and it shows one of the butterflies visiting the tree and I think Mac told me, 'cause Lord knows I'd have no idea, that it is a Buckeye Butterfly (I wrote that it was a Hairstreak and Mac told me to get it straight).

The third is, I'm cheating here,  is a couple of  Swallowtails.
I believe the one on the right is a female.

The fourth is a honey bee.  When we first moved here there were few honey bees, now the garden is full of them.  He's a little out of focus, but that's because he's working hard.  Below him is a Bumble Bee.

The fifth picture is me weeding.  Back view only, no nose shots.  I'm trying to clean out the spider plant bed so they can keep spreading.  I like plants that can take over a bed. 

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  1. You young whippersnapper, you. If I were down there weeding I could not get up again.
    So glad your nose is improving!

  2. I am glad that your nose is doing well - and that the rest of you is doing well too of course!!! Your garden is beautiful, and your home too. So lovely to see the critters that are enjoying your plants! I hope that you have a great weekend. Thank you so much as always for joining in! xx

  3. I am glad your nose is healing well (I missed your last post and went back to see what happened to it). It is such a pleasure to be able to wash hair after not being allowed to, isn't it? You have a beautiful garden! When you are done with your weeding, you are more than welcome to teleport over here to do mine :)

  4. So happy to hear that all is going well with your recovery. Your garden is so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. I'm glad all is going well after the treatment on your nose - what a week you have had, hope all will be well soon. Your garden is lovely and it is good to know that you have a healthy bee population in it:)

  6. So lucky to be able to get down on your knees. I garden sitting in a rolling chair.

    cheers, parsnip


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