Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday at The Little House in The Swamp

We're having beautiful weather here and should continue to if the subtropical low forming down around the Bahamas doesn't get too close.
We went plant shopping  on Sunday, bought Carnations to plant, they never do well here, but they're my favorite plant, so hope springs eternal and I plant some each year.  Also put in some Petunias and more Vincas.  In the side garden where it's shady all day I put in a Caladium and some Coleus.  On the brick patio, that needs to have its weeds sprayed, I put a "jug" of Hen and Chicks.  This is really not the best climate for them, much too humid, but I'm hoping to baby them along.
Reading Rosemary's blog Where Five Valleys Meet I saw that she had posted pictures of Brockhampton a medieval manor house.  That's a place I absolutely love and we have visited it a number of times.  Mac painted a gorgeous painting  of it and I decided to use it as my new header.
My nose have reached the itchy stage and I'm having a hard time keeping my hands off of it.  Three more days till they take the stitches out.


  1. Beautiful new header.

    Good luck with the stitches.

  2. I really like how you have your hens & chicks. Every year I stubbornly plant another small plant in a limestone rock, but every winter it gets stolen by rabbits or something. Gone again this year! I'll keep this pot idea in my mind ;)

  3. Hope you survive the last few days.
    Stitches or a cast just can drive you crazy.
    Good Luck.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Thank you for showing the painting of Brockhampton in your header - Mac did a lovely painting encompassing both the Gate House and the Manor House.
    Itchy means your nose is well on the mend, good luck when you return in three days time with it.

  5. I noticed your new header and though how lovely it is, I was going to ask where it is and now I know. I've just caught up on your posts about your nose. Glad the op was successful and that they managed to remove all the cancer. You'll be glad when they get those stitches out now.


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