Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

I was dusting this week, yes I know, how sad, and looking around for a Five on Friday post I decided to do on the Victorian and Vintage glass I collect.  Bought it all in England, mainly from a little shop in Bretforton.  Not a big place, quite tiny in fact, but she always has beautiful things at a reasonable price.  Plus it's across the street from the Fleece Inn, my favorite haunted pub, so I get pretty glassware and a good meal.

The first is a pretty little hand painted glass, I assume it was a child's glass.

The second is a pair of hand painted glass jugs.

The third is a small glass bowl and jug set, again hand painted.

The fourth is a collection of drinks glasses, some rummers, some small ales, some ladies drinks glasses  .  These have come from all over England.

The last is 2 vases that Mac bought me and another hand painted jug.  I'm sure the jug is from Bretforton and I believe the vases are from Stow in the Wold.

As I said these are all Victorian or vintage.  Not awfully expensive and beautiful to look at.  But what Mac and I have both wanted for a long, long time is a Georgian Barley Twist glass, they're quite expensive and we've never been able to talk ourselves into buying one.  But now we've decided that when we're in England this year that we will buy ourselves one as an anniversary present.
How many times do you get to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary?

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  1. All very pretty/ And, yes, do splash out on that barley twist glass.

  2. The first glass looks like a piece of Mary Gregory. She was actually an American women from Boston who did naive paintings of Victorian children on glass. I have one myself which is also a girl but on a small glass jug.
    Good luck finding a piece of Georgian barley-twist glass

  3. How lovely! I do hope you find a barley twist glass for your very special anniversary:)

  4. A really wonderful collection with lots of lovely memories attached to each piece. Hope you find a lovely piece fitting for your anniversary.

  5. My mother had an extensive glass collection that had been her mother's, but acquired in an interesting manner. My grandfather, my mother's father was a watch and clock repairer, and that work was done through jewelry shops back then. During the several recessions at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, my grandfather often took his pay in "kind"; glass or jewelry. After mother was gone none of her grandchildren wanted it, so we donated it all to Stan Heywet, the home of the Siberlings of rubber tire fame. They were so excited. When the Siberlings left, they said, only the house was donated; all else was stripped. They made up table settings with the "good" stuff in front. They were pleased to add so much to their collection.

  6. What gorgeous pieces!!!! I love all of them!!! A barley twist glass will be beautiful and a wonderful memento of your travels and your marriage! I hope that you find a lovely piece to enjoy. Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  7. How lovely. I especially like that little hand painted glass. I think you should definitely splash out on a barley twist glass, it will be a lasting reminder of both your trip to England and your golden wedding anniversary.

  8. Your collection is very pretty. I know Stow on the Wold very well, it is a very attractive little town. We stayed there when we were "courting" and ate at a hotel with a huge grapevine growing in the conservatory.

  9. I do love glassware and would happily be the owner of all the pieces you showed here! I can't walk past any glassware without at least picking it up, often giving in to temptation to buy. I like vintage glass most of all. I hope you find a barley twist glass at an affordable price. You are worth it! xx


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