Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Run Around Tuesday

Up at dawn, well not exactly dawn, but since retiring we don't do early any more.  I had an appointment with my retina specialist and his office is on the far side of Savannah.  So off we went.  Eyes were dilated, eyes had bright lights shone in them and pictures of eye interiors were taken.  All is well and stable, so a good check-up.
Next is was off to Home Depot to plant shop, slowed down only by the fact that my eyes were so dilated that seeing was a very interesting proposition.  But numerous flowers were purchased and will be planted tomorrow.
After that it was off to the commissary where loads of groceries were purchased and when we were putting them in the car Mac saw that some stupid idiot had left their dog in their car with a small bit of window rolled down.  It is up in the 90's again today.  Mac reported it to the store manager who said he was going to call the MP's.  A man was arrested here in Georgia for breaking a car window to save a hot animal, the owner showed up as the police got there and insisted he be charged, she was cited too, but probably nothing will be done to her.  Here in Georgia you can break a car window to save  a child, but not an animal, though they're working on getting that passed too. As we drove off we saw the people showed up.  What's wrong with people?  How can you leave an animal in a car on a day like this?  I'm so tired of animals being carried around like fashion accessories.
Home now, air conditioner running, groceries put up, our day is almost done.


  1. Your story makes me ill. And a piece of your mind would not have affected the dog's owners in the least.

  2. It is pure ignorance to leave a dog locked into a car without adequate ventilation. So easy to leave down two inches of windowpane on each door to make an air flow plus a low voltage plug in-fan for added dog comfort, would make all the difference and no stress on the animal.


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