Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Was Better

No need to call out the bug removal squad today, house appeared to be insect free.  I went in the pool for the first time this year, it was 92º and on our deck even warmer.  Couldn't find my swimsuit, I suspect I threw it out last year it was a bit faded and saggy from sun, chlorine and me.  So I swam in shorts and a top.  You couldn't hear my scream more than a few blocks so the water wasn't too bad.
We ate lettuce from the garden today, if it gets much warmer it will all die as will the peas.
One of Mac's Box Turtles


Gladiola and Buddleia


Buddleia with Butterflies

More Lilies

Our neighbor's Magnolia tree


Blue Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea
Mac was busy transplanting tomatoes and hollyhocks, now he has everything out of the greenhouse.  I guess we're ready for summer.


  1. OH, lovely pool and flowers!
    For a minute there, I thought you would tell us you were skinny dipping! HA!
    Did you know that butterfly bushes are becoming invasive in England? I remember reading that and we did see them coming up beside the train tracks in Eastbourne and Burwash! I love them though, can't see why they would be such a bad thing.

  2. Our temperatures divebombed to 5C overnight!! It was 30C on the weekend. We don't have the pool up yet (above ground), but we don't heat it. It takes a while to warm it up, and it takes a while to get in. Beautiful flower shots, your garden is so pretty :)

  3. Impressive flowers, and I'm as impressed you know their names. Nothing like fresh produce!

  4. Can I swap places with you please? It continues to be a complete wash out over here. xx

  5. What lovely flowers. it has been really windy again here. sigh.

  6. We are infested with ants just now. Wish we had less ants and more beautiful flowers like yours.

  7. I have a brother in law in Utah. Is it a big place? I think he lives in Sandy. Sorry about the plantar fasciitis . I have had it mildly. Certainly good to avoid surgery if you can. Hope the boot works. Has anyone recommended massaging with a golf ball under the instep in a standing position. We've been doing that in Pilates and although it seems tender it also works wonders for tight tendons.a


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