Monday, November 9, 2015

Blah Weather

It's Monday, it has cooled down, but it's grey and rainy, not a day for being outside.  Mac went out to play, (he's still using his pressure washer),  but I stayed in and puttered around, made bread, cleaned a bit, worked on my puzzle and started putting together a Christmas present.   It seemed like I never really settled on anything.  Miss Kitty tried to help, but her organization skills leave a bit to be desired.  Hope to get more done tomorrow.
Last night while watching tv we both got a craving for something sweet, but there was nothing in the pantry.  Did find that  there was a mix for pumpkin cookies.  They only took a few minutes to mix up and bake.  They were so good, warm from the oven, a dab of whipped cream  and a cup of Dark Dunken' Donut coffee.  Have a few left over for tonight.


  1. Very grey and rainy here too. Those pumpkin cookies sound delicious:)

  2. Sounds a lot like my Monday. I started several things but never really got in to anything or finished anything. The cookies and coffee sound delicious! That was a good accomplishment on a rainy day! :)

  3. A dab of whipped cream makes everything delicious! I made pumpkin oatmeal bars yesterday and we found some vanilla ice cream lurking in the freezer. It must have been the weathef! I hope you are enjoying today's sunshine.

  4. The cookies sound good! Glad that you are getting some cooler weather! xx

  5. I am always looking for small but good things to pack in my Japanese Christmas box.
    Maybe I will check this out.
    Both Son and DIL are fabulous cooks but maybe this is something very fast to make with Granddaughter.

    cheers, parsnip


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