Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Better Trip

We went back to Memphis for Thanksgiving and it was a better trip than the one I had last week, you know, the one where I fell.  We were excited to be returning, so many things we wanted to see and do.
We got to Memphis late in the afternoon on Thanksgiving and the hotel was serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but it wasn't turkey that we were after, it was ribs, brisket and chicken.  So we didn't let the lack of a shuttle slow us down, we hoofed the 8 blocks to Beale Street, straight to B.B. King's Blues Cafe and ordered a feast, please observe the before and after photos, no words are necessary.

We made a early night of it because we knew we had a full day planned on Friday.
Friday morning we were up early and off to Miss Polly's Soul City Cafe in search of a southern breakfast.  They were out of potatoes because they'd served so many the day before, but we were undeterred.  We could have had grits, but I don't do grits.  So I had bacon and eggs while Mac had Chicken, waffles and eggs.  Who knew chicken could be so good for breakfast.  The coffee was delicious and we asked what is was, Miss Polly said Community Coffee from Louisiana.  We drank many a cup before leaving.

After breakfast it was off to Gibson's, we had to make arrangements for Mac's  guitar, it was ready and we could take it with us or they'd ship.  Well, Mac always travels with a guitar so we didn't need to be carrying a second one so we told them to ship it.
After that we grabbed a taxi and headed out to Graceland we had tickets for 10:30.  Of course there were huge crowds long before we got there.  I'm not going to say much about Graceland, we didn't enjoy it at all.  I'm not going to comment on the decor, that wasn't the problem.  It was the whole feel of the place.  To me it felt like  the saddest house I've ever been in, that no one who lived there had ever felt joy or happiness, it was down right creepy.  We couldn't wait to leave.
  We were allowed to take pictures, but the only one I shot was of the exterior.  

The next part of our day was much better and I'll write about that tomorrow.


  1. Oh! How sad is your description of Graceland! I am a big fan of Elvis but I have never been to Graceland or to Memphis for that matter! I know that people make fun of the décor but it was from the 70's and that style left a lot to be desired!! As you say, you might have picked up on the atmosphere of the place but I still would like to see it, I think.
    I love your before and after photos of the food, you are making me hungry!
    Hope you are fully recovered from your fall.

  2. Your food looked delicious! Hope to see a photo of the new guitar! Never been to Memphis but I follow a blogger who lives there:)

  3. Looks like some good eating in Memphis! I've never had chicken for breakfast. Interesting, the feeling you got from Graceland. Too bad you wasted your time.

  4. I've never been to Graceland, but even during Elvis' life thought it must be sadder than sad to live alone in such a huge house. The food, however--bring it on.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your fall, I hope you're much better now. What a great trip for thanksgiving, it looks like you had some great food. I don't really know what grits are, though I know they were mentioned in My Cousin Vinny, did you see that film? I know how houses can have a sad sort of feel to them, how terrible that you felt it at Graceland. I know Elvis had so many people around him but it's said he felt lonely, that's terribly sad, isn't it?

  6. I love the dinner you had. I would have picked that one too.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Janet, I'm so sorry to hear that you fell! Am assuming nothing got broken or you wouldn't have been able to do so much hoofing this time around.

    Chicken for breakfast ... I can see how that might work with waffles and syrup. The whole salty-sweet thing.

    Did Mac get a new guitar, or just get one repaired? One of my brothers is a guitarist, also my boss (who owns about 10, I think). My ears perk up whenever somebody mentions Gibson or Fender or McPherson or Martin. :)

  8. So sad about Graceland, but I am glad that the rest of your visit was good! xx

  9. Yeah sometimes our tips don't manage to be as good as out expectations. Hope your back is okay. Be careful next time. Wish the last of your trip be more better than it was.


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