Sunday, November 29, 2015


There were some questions about my post today and I thought I'd try and answer them.
First, I tripped and fell when exercising last week.  Nothing broken, just some bruises.   I'm fine, still bruised, but no problems.
 Second, grits is a finely ground cornmeal, kind of like mush. It is derived from an early  Native American dish.  It's mostly eaten in the south for breakfast often with syrup on it.  I don't like it for breakfast, but I will eat shrimp and grits.
Third, when we were in Memphis in October we went on a tour of the Gibson Guitar factory and though Mac owns several guitars he really enjoyed seeing them being made and wanted one that was being made while we were there, so he bought one and we were supposed to pick it up on our return trip.  We decided to have it shipped to us and it will be here sometime this week.
A few comments about Graceland.  I expected the 70's decor, that didn't surprise me, and Elvis was just a country boy so I wasn't expecting great taste. What surprised me was how small it was.  Granted you don't get to go upstairs, that's where he died, but even so, it's not a big house, I think ours is almost as big and I don't think of it as being a huge place.
They said he paid $100,000 for it and 11 acres when he bought it.  He should have bought more because it's surrounded by commercial property, it feels really tacky.
Hope that answers some questions.


  1. Love grits any way but shrimp and grits are just the best.
    (but no syrup.)

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I am happy to hear you are healing and how exciting to have that Gibson guitar on its way to you.

  3. Uggghh, no to grits for me in any form I am afraid! I also don't like "white" gravy with chicken fried steak etc! Picky thing aren't I!!! xx

  4. Like my grits with butter but shrimp & grits fantastic! And chicken n' waffles! Yummy!


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