Friday, November 13, 2015

Five on Friday

It's Friday again, can't believe how quickly they come around.  It's Friday the 13th too.  I'm not particularly superstitious, but I don't walk under ladders and if I spill salt I always throw some over my shoulder.
My Five this week are rather random, with a bit of Christmas thrown in.

The First is a pair of paintings that Mac did of the marina down the road from us.  The first is a sunset and the second is of the annual Christmas boat parade they have each year.

The Second is of my new baking sheets, my old ones were well past their prime and as Christmas is   when I do most of my cookie baking, it was time. I'm thinking about getting some silicone sheets to put on them so they don't lose their finish.

The Third is of my china cabinet set up for tea.  The dishes are  vintage, from the '30's I believe, that I bought on our last trip to England.  I actually drink a bit of tea when the weather is cooler and when our daughter is here as she is an avid tea drinker.

The Fourth is the sheet music for Pachebel's Canon in D.  I can play this, poorly, and it is my goal to play it well by Christmas.

The Fifth is Miss Kitty enjoying her handiwork.

It's a beautiful day here, our morning walk was wonderful with temperatures in the 50's.  Haven't had weather this nice since March or April.  I finally got my Paperwhites planted.  We usually do them inside, but this year we're having an Amaryllis instead.  Chicken stew for lunch with lots of veggies.  Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. I always enjoy seeing Mac's paintings. Miss Kitty looks quite satisfied with her work! I am loving this cooler weather. Happy weekend to y, too!

  2. wow, your own artist in residence! lucky you. Mac's paintings are beautiful. Happy weekend.

  3. Miss Kitty has destroyed the puzzle? Cats like it to make trouble - ! And they are masters of enjoying the comfort and sunshine -
    Nice paintings.
    Good luck with the Canon :-)

  4. Five comments on Friday
    1. Brilliant paintings. My favourite of the two is the sunset.
    2. I wouldn't show my baking tins in public. Perhaps I need some new ones too.
    3. I have a 30s tea set but the china seems very thin so I wouldn't dare put any hot tea in the cups.
    4. Keep practising.
    5. Stroke puss for me.
    Plus one more.
    6. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Miss Kitty is a tricky little thing isn't she! Mac's paintings are fabulous aren't they, I really like the Christmas parade one. Hope that your music practicing goes well! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  6. I love the paintings, he really is a very talented artist. The Christmas parade is a particular delight, the detail is amazing. Have a great weekend.

  7. Only a few winters ago we replaced the baking sheets from mother, circa 1940. They certainly make them bright and shiny these days.

  8. Miss Kitty seems to be happy! I envy you being able to play the piano:)

  9. I can't find any Tete a Tete narcissi this year to plant, usually they're all over the place. Weird!

  10. I LOVE Pachelbel's Canon in D - 27 years ago I walked down the aisle on my father's arm to that piece and last year, my daughter walked down the aisle to it on her father's arm, this time played on the guitar by her cousin. Keep practising, with love from this avid tea drinker. x

  11. ummmmmm Miss Kitty distroyed you puzzel. I hope it was fisished before she distroyed it !
    She looks so pleased with herself !

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Love the paintings! A talented artist! And the vintage dishes are beautiful.

  13. Yes the puzzle was finished, and boy doesn't she look smug!

  14. Oh, Miss Kitty - cats always go to the one thing you don't want them to, don't they? Lovely paintings and Pachelbel's Canon is one of my favourite pieces of music:)

  15. Cats, hey? They always know where it's the most inconvenient to sit and then look at you all indignantly when you try and move them on. Gotta love them though :)

  16. Miss Kitty looks very pleased with herself, bless her - I just hope that pretty china is safely away from her little paws!

  17. What a lovely collection of items! A set of baking sheets is something I'm always meaning to acquire - and I love that china.


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