Sunday, November 15, 2015

November in the South

It has cooled down nicely here, the air feels crisp instead of soggy.  But not many leaves have changed color, some years they stay so long they get pushed out by new ones.  What you hear though is the sound of falling acorns and the ground is littered with them.  The squirrels are having a field day.  People here mostly leave their cars out in their driveways and I've heard acorns hit them hard enough to leave a mark, glad ours are in the garage.
Not much color left in the yard, the Impatiens are

holding on and the Mexican Heather,  which is an annual, but acts like a perennial here, is still putting out a little color.
In my shade garden the Coleus are still looking good, but it will soon be time to dig them up and put them in the greenhouse for the winter.
I have chicken leg quarters in the oven, football on the tv and a crochet project I need to finish.  That's my Sunday, in November, in the South.


  1. Looks green to me and to still have blooming! :)

  2. Mid-November sounds and looks good with you

  3. It was certainly a day for staying indoors here - strong wind, heavy showers,minor flooding. I made a large pan of carrot, onion and parsnip soup, followed by chicken with roast potatoes and sprouts. Then we settled down by the fire for the farmer to watch the Grand Prix.

  4. I was born in November (Thanksgiving Day, actually) in Georgia. I only lived there until I was about six, but I remember lots of rain around my birthday most years, and also very brightly colored oaks and maples. It was usually pretty warm, but not hot anymore, so it was nice to be outside if possible.

  5. I still have a few plants blooming and my tomatoes are still producing.
    But today it is cold and wet. More like our January weather not like our November weather at all.
    I just can't figure out the weather this year.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. It all sounds good - well, apart from those dent causing acorns! xx

  7. Love the mexican heather and your story of the denting acorns. when we were kids we strung acorns on thread with needles and wore them. Guess we would have to fight your squirrels for them there.


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