Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day

It's the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, it's Veteran's Day and I wish blessings on all who have served in our military.  As I've written before Mac spent 21 one years in the Army.  He was a draftee during the Vietnam War.  Old enough to be drafted, but not old enough to get married without a parent signing for him.
We were lucky, he didn't get sent to Vietnam, he served in Korea, Germany, Turkey and various bases here in the States.  Every 3-4 years our family was packed up and shipped to somewhere different.  We've had to sell our home, give up pets, say goodbye to family and friends.
Our last assignment was to Turkey and my Mother cried when she heard we were going, she was afraid she'd never see us again.  She did though.
Mac got orders to Turkey half way through our daughter's senior year of high school, so he went ahead of us and came back for her graduation.  We had to fly out the next day.
We sent her home from Turkey to start college, and cried all the way back to our apartment.
So, what am I saying, I'm saying blessing not only to the Veterans, but to their families who give up so much so we can live our lives.


  1. I think we only half understand how the lives of servicemen--and women--and their respective families are altered by their time of duty, whether active combat is involved or not.
    I can only say, "Thank You."

  2. Thanks to Mac, from me, and your family as well for the sacrifices you made. I've been listening to the stories for Veterans
    Day on NPR today and they have made for a very moving day of remembrance.

  3. Thank you Mac for your service and Janet for your support to him. xx

  4. Oh, I echo the comments above! Thank you for your service and for the sacrifices made in order to serve. God bless you.

  5. Thank you Mac! Janet I know first hand the sacrifices that family makes, for me it was almost like being a single parent some times. Service wives must be strong and brave and able to weather any did good:)

  6. Well said. Families are often forgotten when country calls. Bless you for your support. I'm happy to say the Navy addressed this issue of family disruption a few years back and started home-porting sailors in one area for as long as possible to allow families to stay put. Navy created four "mega-ports" in San Diego, Jacksonville, Norfolk, and Washington state. The guys go to sea and their families are supported in the mega-port environment. It's not perfect, but much better than before.

  7. All those young faces. I went to a talk the other day about a family and the men they had lost in the war. It brings it home when you connect it with real people.

  8. Is that Mac in the photo? What a handsome young man. It's good to remember the families too, as you say, they often give up a lot to support their husbands and fathers too.


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