Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday, Miércoles, Mittwoch

No matter how you say it, this week is half-way over and I don't know where it went.  Some housework, some piano practice, some exercise, not much else.  Been working on Christmas presents but ran out of a part, that was after I severely messed up another part, so that's not going too well.
Had to go to Wally World yesterday, not my favorite place, but sometimes you just gotta do it.
Another rough weekend of football, except that Denver lost and that always makes me happy.
Pulled some weeds, got stuck by stickers, decided to let ferns take over the bed and they can deal with the stickers.
Very warm today, around 78º with thunderstorms forecast for tonight.  I want to make chile, but I can't until it turns cooler, bah, humbug.
My exchange partner, Eleanor, for the Twelve Days of Christmas, received her box and has it put up.  I forgot to take any pictures except for them wrapped up.
Finally finished a crochet project and got another one started.  So things are moving, but at the rate they're moving some of them may be next year's presents.
About 36 days till Christmas, oh my.



  1. 36 days...oh well..good thing I don't shop:)

  2. And a week to Thanksgiving. And six weeks to next year. Life's too short.

  3. Your doing better than me !
    I keep getting sick, falling and smashed my one sort of good knee all sorts of wierd things.
    So if my Christmas Cards and homemade gift get finished I will be suprised.
    My one good thing is my Christmas box to Japan is just about finished. Very happy about that.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Did you say 36 days until Christmas??? That surely can't be right? Panic mode setting in...


  5. I just can't say the word Christmas out loud !! too much to get done and so little money to do it with LOL

  6. Thanks for the reminder of how many days to Christmas - oh my indeed.

  7. Egads, the humidity! How can one think of Christmas presents???
    Thanks for the encouragement on my garden. I do hope I get something out of it as I've spent enough to feed a family of 8! I guess I'll move some of the expense to the "eduation" category.


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